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RSS Zephyr20x6

Reward Points:2386
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zephyr20x6(2386) Clarified
1 point

Why was your message to him being banned to this particular argument though?

Oh so why did you dispute this argument?

2 points

Are you kidding me... These are arguments, not spam, I was willing to start thinking that my judgement of you was a bit harsh, but this guy put time and effort into an articulate argument and you just banned him? You sir are a troll, you have lost all benefit of doubt from me, your over-opinionated ego over abortion is despicable. You will not listen to what other people have to say obviously cause you just banned this guy for seemingly no good reason... Wow... Just wow.

3 points

I agree with this statement, 100%.

zephyr20x6(2386) Clarified
1 point

"How is which side won, relevant to your efforts to keep this debate abuse free?"

The vote-bombing is because the people on the this side are all getting banned, and people are upvoting those that are mocking you for it. It's not like everyone on this site conspired against you. Plus almost everyone on this side got one vote, how is this vote bombing, prod got 5 votes plus the one he started out with, but that is just one person that happens from time to time. Cuaroc on the other side got 4 votes plus his automatic. Almost everyone on the other side all got voted up.

Do you think those numbers are really reflective of who does and who does not agree that a fetus is the biological young of the parents who created it?

It was not vote bombing, if anything it was a lot of spam, because people see you as a troll.


When you ban people so easily it shows that you are not willing to debate them, thus have nothing to argue with, some of these people who you banned were serious.

zephyr20x6(2386) Clarified
1 point

It's done and I did what I could to keep my debate from being abused and derailed.

What if they felt that the debate about abortion was applicable here? What if they genuinely disagreed with it being called "young" and they felt that their political opinion happened to be simultaneous with their opinion on this scientific matter?

I don't think you told some of them that you this wasn't supposed to be politically related.

It obviously failed and the trolls, vote bombers and pro-aborts won. (they got their votes up)

How is which side won, relevant to your efforts to keep this debate abuse free?

They can't wash away the facts nor the point made in the image.

So, in the end? I feel good that my point has been made.

Because you banned almost everybody...

Their (your?) reactions only reaffirm that I am making a good point that makes those in denial squirm a little.

Your actions point to that to a much greater extent.

I will admit, I don't approve of such things as what he said, I don't approve of that tactic, however how can you ban people whom you feel are abusing you, when you do the same thing yourself? A lot of these people didn't even abuse you (I am not denying some haven't), some people mocked you knowing how uncivil you have been. Plus what you consider abuse may not be abuse to someone else, and I have to say, you are using the function a little too much here. You banned some people for debating abortion instead, so is them thinking that this was supposed to be about abortion really means to ban someone?

I take it that he said that you were for forcing raped girls to have babies from the rape, no? You came in an compared me to someone who would be for killing anyone that was in a coma, obviously I would disagree with that but I didn't report you, and I wouldn't have banned you if it was my debate. Same thing with the situation you seem to be talking about, in your opinion that is not apart of your political opinion, however you banning him because of that makes you a hypocrite.

2 points

That was just... awesome XD.

Now I am going to be banned. Yay :D.

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