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The funny thing about “the land of the free” is that it’s amended to “bare arms” but not allowed to marry someone of the same sex. Who is it harming and who cares so much other than religions. Me personally I don’t care and I can’t go out of my way to say that it’s bothering or hurting me when it doesn’t concern me at all.

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Say that you are going for movie, will you go alone.. Of course not, some may go but most of them won't. Because every body knows that watching it with with frnds and families will give more happiness than watching it alone. While watching it alone the happiness will be temperory, that is, it will be limited to the duration of the movie, but watching it with frnds and family will give more happiness that it will become memory, even after many years it will give a smile on your face when you think of it., that is happiness

What I'm trying to say is money will give only temperory happiness, to get a permanent happiness u need frnds and family and I'm not saying that u don't néed money at all, we need money only to meet the basic requirements..

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It's only recognized by surrounding Muslim countries which is convinient since Muslims are the ones who want the Jews to not have their own country... but since you just threw a ridiculous wikepedia page at me how about you read this to educate yourself

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Who attacked who first? Gaza did right after the "No Fire" agreement ended in mid-December.

There is a concept which few Israelis seem to have heard of which is commonly referred to as "reasonable force". To summarise, it implies that launching a major ground offensive which kills thousands of civilians is a disproportionate response to a few stray rockets fired from Soviet-era RPGs.

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This is absurd. First of all, any violence from Jews is nowhere near the level of Hitler's on the Jewish people and it is disgusting that you would compare the two. Also, so-called Palestinians have committed many acts of violence against Jews. The aggressors in this fight are the Palestinians, as they continue to try and rip away the land from its indigenous people, Israel, just like European settlers did to natives in the U.S.

JustIgnoreMe(4290) Clarified
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though, in fairness, some people really are terrible singers... ;)

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Israel is just trying to survive. Palestinians parade the streets singing "Death to Israel"

Oh, the poor little Israelis having to deal with singing. That certainly justifies shelling civilian compounds with chemical weapons illegal under the Geneva Conventions. Chemical weapons which are designed to burn a person to death from the inside out.

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Your argument that Muslims are mistreated in Israel is absolutely absurd considering what Muslim countries have been doing to Jews for years. They've been forced from these countries and had countless acts of terrorism committed against them. So really it is somewhat understandable that Muslims are sometimes mistreated in Israel, even if it doesn't justify it. Muslims continue to hate Jews and it is evident everywhere.

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First of all I would like to point out that Palestinians cannot have a claim to any land since they are not actually an ethnic people group.

The Palestinian people (Arabic: الشعب الفلسطيني‎, ash-sha‘b al-Filasṭīnī), also referred to as Palestinians (Arabic: الفلسطينيون‎, al-Filasṭīniyyūn; Hebrew: פָלַסְטִינִים) or Palestinian Arabs (Arabic: الفلسطينيين العرب‎, al-Filasṭīniyyīn al-ʿarab), are an ethnonational group[31][32][33][34][35][36][37] comprising the modern descendants of the peoples who have lived in Palestine continuously over the centuries and who today are largely culturally and linguistically Arab

Shut your mouth.

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First of all I would like to point out that Palestinians cannot have a claim to any land since they are not actually an ethnic people group. They make up many different people groups like Syrians and others, but the country of Palestine has never existed. With that being said Israeli people are the indigenous people of the land they occupy, and that alone should give them claim to the land. The land of Israel has belonged to the Jews since Abraham. There is really no disputing the fact that the Birthplace of the Jewish people is in Israel, and that the land belongs to them. It has been taken away from them many times, but they are the original occupants of the land and should therefore continue to occupy it.

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No. If Tina and Sally want to marry each other, they have that right. This whole debate results from the misinterpretation of religious texts, by religious and conservative bigots.

why were there no humans when dinosaurs existed?


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Answer this question: if God created the Earth, and humans and animals not long after, then why were there no humans when dinosaurs existed?

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And you can purchase that product only, because money is exist. And of course, knowing that you have tons of money, no matter what, makes you depressed, right? Stored buying power means you a thing, at all?

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I strongly disagree over the above subject. Yes we firstly have to acknowledge we are part of the components of the environment and so as, all the things we do have a great impact on the environment. Having come to this reality, individuals taking the responsibility or actions to protect and conserve the environment deserve accolades in that regard. Need I have to say individual actions at the local level contribute to the global environmental problems we have as at today. So efforts pull by individual to conserve the environment is not futile but remarkable. We are all environmental Stewards our duty is to keep and to protect the environment. Contrary action is however unsustainable and highly detrimental to the planet as a whole.

What individuals can do include,

1. Accept you are an environmental vanguard or steward

2. Dispose your waste responsibility, reuse and recycle, however reject when it's not needed

3. Plant tree, flowers, encourage backyard gardens

4. Live and eat sustainably

5. Buy re-useable products

6. Use renewable energy

7. Turn your electrical appliances off when not in use

8. Conserve water, avoid wastage of this potential resource

9. Join an environmental group, participate in voluntary clean-up, create awareness, build networks and create eco-synergy to developing eco friendly solutions to arising problems in the wake of growing development and technology advancement.

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Gay marriage can't hurt anyone in any law of self-being. You have to be retarded to say, "People of the same sex can have the same rights as straight people? Oh no! Now I must be lesbian!" While straights were born with the right to marry, gays never said anything like that except, "I hope I don't get any rights stripped from me." It's honestly hilarious how y'all think two gay guys can't raise a kid because children need a father and mother. Your points are basically gender role influenced and bigoted. Come at me when the tea is thicker, honey. ☕☕☕

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Hello - andsoccer16 .

My name is reX. And if this is You in the video presentation - then I know that You are very smart.

YOU LOOK VERY INTELLIGENT. and You look like a very smart man.

I want to ask You to please consider what I am going to tell You and to just think about it.

I want to tell You - that the Trinitarian Translators were very very dishonest when they translated from the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

And You are exactly right - The Trinitarian deceivers indeed do make it sound like that in the Bible in - ( Exo 21: verses 20 - 21 ) " SOMEONE is allowed to beat their slave to death so long as it takes longer than a day. "

But this is horribly mistranslated. Please read the original manuscripts for eXactly what they say - from the original Hebrew - instead of placing all of Your trust in their message into the hands of the perverted Trinitarian Beasts -who are a bunch of liars, deceivers, and manipulators.

Please - just read the real manuscripts - here below - and afterward, I will show You the clear and simple explanation .. HERE IS WHAT IT REALLY SAYS.

REMEMBER = The verses You are referring to are verses 20 and 21.....

Exo 21:18  And if men strive together, and one smite another with a stone, or with his fist, and he die not, but keepeth his bed: 

:19  If he rises again, and walk abroad upon his staff, then shall he that smote him be quit: only he shall pay for the loss of his time, and shall cause him to be thoroughly healed.


: 20 because a man who kills himself a servant or himself a maid of the tribe who dies under his hand is to receive vengeance /punishment.

:21 truly set in that very day - or the day of not avenging the vengeance, for their cost / price / money.

And here is the word for word translation of each and every single word as layed out in the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPTS. in perfect order.

And this is the way the Hebrew Language is written....

This begins directly at verse 20 ---

because H3588 -

a man H376 -

killing H5221 -

himself H853 -

servant H5650 -

or H176 -

himself H853 -

maid H519 -

of tribe H7626 -

is dead H4191 -

under H8478 -

his hand H3027 -

avenging H5358 -

avenging H5358 -

trully H389 -

set H5975 -

that day H3117 -

or H176 -

that day H3117 -

not H3808 -

avenging H5358 -

avenging H5358 -

for H3588 -

their H1931 -

price / cost / money H3701 

The two verses 20 and 21 are simply saying that the KILLER can be responsible for killing a servant or a maid and they can be also responsible to pay the penalty - reimbursement to the boss or whoever has hired the servant or maid

And the payment is due in the very day that the punishment the killer receives and can be due also at another day that the punishment is given to the killer.

In other words, the killer cannot get out of the payment that He owed to a boss or someone who has hired a servant - and that after the day that he receives punishment - he is still responsible to pay the price for killing someone's servant.

He is to pay and reimburse the owner of a business who has hired someone - because the bosses and business owners would run their business by hiring people and relied on their work - and workers / servants were paying off family and tribal debts by performing work. And when someone kills a worker - they are taking money from the owner and the family that the worker is planning to work for to pay off a tremendous debt - this was the way that things were in the working class society in this day.....

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It is such a shame that a grown capable man wants to take from women and pretend to take the place of a woman.

Women who are career mothers who have a normal family with a Husband have a special, important role in the taX system and in the family. Gays do not produce or bear children.

The woman's body is designed and specialized and made designed and set up - specifically for the miracle of conception, growth, development, and birth of making a little baby. - REPRODUCTION.

And the gay community ignores the fact that women's bodies are set up and designed differently than a man's body. Women have never worked the jobs of males and the Gay community knows this fact.

The Gay community still demands that they have the right to marry the same seX and have the taX breaks and privileges of a Woman and a marriage situation and the special role and rights of women. There is a taX bracket set to pay women what they deserve for being a woman in a marriage working on savings for a future family and getting the benefit of taX breaks.

A Gay man - who is a full grown man - with the capability to work just like a straight man is stealing and hijacking the rights and privileges and needs of the woman.

By demanding the same taX breaks of a woman.

Does not the LGBT community care about the importance of Family, mothers and women. ? I honestly know that the LGBT community has hijacked the role of the MOTHER around the world. ANY PERSON or any LGBT person who does not bear children and have never put their bodies through the wear and tear and deterioration and physical toll on the body that childbearing puts upon a real mother.

There is no comparison.

A mother who has borne a child with her own body and takes the responsibility to raise the child and wants to be a housewife in a household - deserves the eXtra benefits packages, and eXtra taX breaks and credits and the LGBT has tried to literally hijacked the role of a real mother.

The LGBT already receives at least a yearly credit of up to $12,970 for every single child adopted - No one is taking away their rights. In 2014 the nonrefundable maximum tax credit (dollar limitation) per child is $13,190.

The credit begins to phase out when modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) exceeds $197,880 and is eliminated when MAGI exceeds $237,880.

If someone adopts three siblings all at once they can possibly be qualified for well over thirty thousand dollars in refundable adoption tax credits.

The LGBTs are not being oppressed. But the governments know that the FAMILY is the what makes a country success rate. And real mothers who are using their own bodies to create children in a family with a stable mother and father. where the Father works and they save and conserve money in society. This FAMILY UNITY is the cheapest way to raise a family and creates a stable home life at the same time.

The LGBT community takes children that are processed by the government and this is all paid by taxpayers. it is billions of dollars each year and the LGBT people who adopt also get welfare and food stamps. But they are not functioning as a normal family who have a mother who has born birthed their own children and takes care of them all of their lives. The money and cost difference is not comparable - as is the stability of a Normal Mother and Father NATURAL family unit.

The LGBT community does not take the same role, function and place of the family. They only hijack the idea of a family when they { on average } do not bear their own children as a self - made family unit type of economic structure.

The Family is the most stable, economical way to raise children.

Adoption is needed and statistics show that around 13 percent of the population of caring and good LGBT people have adopted children. - But the LGBT situation is not much different than a GOVERNMENT RUN Foster Care Situation, in that it is highly taXpayer funded. And they are demanding that They get to be paid and treated and seen as a natural family in the eyes of religion and religious people.

How is this the fault of the religious Christians and Jews who only peacefully promote and believe in a NATURAL family model ?

The religion does not make decisions. The religion only competes with and makes a challenge against The broken homes, The single mothers and single fathers and the LGBT community adoption situation. And the Religious Communities IDEAS, METHODS and FAMILY STRUCTURE of a Mother and Father - is winning the competition in the ideas of keeping cities, town and whole countries out of dept and making America the best place on earth to live. And keeping the best economy in the History of the Planet.

This may be the battle that some may wish to pit or wage or compare, by comparing and waging, pitting and using the family against the Non-Family, in a battle of ideas and money and competition. But the single mothers and single fathers and the LGBT community trully faces a competition against the family idea.

And they are loosing in the economics, wealth and capitalist free market system.

This is called real choice..

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I totally agree, 100%. But not all parents doesn't have the opportunity to go to college.

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Yes, death penalty should be legal. When someone takes another's life, they does not just hurt the victim they hurt the victims loved ones, neighbor's, and family. Many people suffer from the one persons decision. If a person takes anothers life We deserve to take theirs. I believe it should not be one murder it should be multiple people and I believe it should be a peaceful death but taking anothers life is unacceptable in all ways and they deserve to get the same punishment that their victim endured.

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Precisely. Pro-Death abortionists claim that abortion is simply removing a clump of cells and not murdering a human being. So the burden of proof is on you. Go ahead, we're listening.

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I believe that a human life begins at conception and the burden is on you to prove me wrong.

Wrong. The burden of proof is always on the claimant.

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No. Thou shalt not kill. I believe that a human life begins at conception and the burden is on you to prove me wrong. Murder is bad.

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