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No, it's morally wrong to breed your animals (un/intentionally), bringing more unwanted animals into a world that is already overflowing with them.

(Bear in mind that I find this also to be greatly true for human animals as well as non-human animals.)

The race card--or the gender card--is utter bullshit. It's not an excuse for anything, and playing it is just pathetic and not taking responsibility for yourself.

In most cases.

Hmmm, good point about the subcultures. But I still believe that in general and in some specifics, it's entirely possible that diversified culture will be eliminated. I mean, it's a subculture, not a culture. Perhaps the definition of culture will change?

This is interesting, how we're both using the same evidence to draw different conclusions. Like you said, the globalization of cities and the gentle outspread of the same media to the entire world is destroying culture by 'diversifying' the exact same way everywhere, and, thus, not diversifying at all.

I mean, Americans are very similar to Europeans, Canadians, whatever, who all have access to the same media. But check out tribes in South America, Africa, etc. They have little or no access to media, and they are vastly different from common culture. Once these tribes are given access to global media, it's inevitable that they begin to trend towards an American/European/Canadian/whatever lifestyle.

With the spread of all sorts of media worldwide, I'm sure that soon enough the majority of people will partake in a culture that is essentially the same. The same movies, the same music, the same clothing, the same traditions and customs (or lack thereof), and, most importantly, a way of thinking that is essentially the same.

Well, that's cute.

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

(Although it doesn't stop you....)

Nobody "wins" a war. Although maybe I'm just a fucking hippie.

I would be extremely upset if I could never again hear the impassioned voice of a storyteller.

I'd be extremely upset if I could never crack a binding again, or sniff the glue holding the bindings together, or turn a page and get a papercut, or carry around a huge hardback... I love books.

The environment is forever; the condition of Earth affects the entire world and will affect the future as well as the present. The economy is a situation that is very much rooted in the right now and is affecting a (relatively) small amount of countries, although the countries that are being affected are the largest contributors to the world economy. Regardless, we need to take care of our home before we can worry about money.

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