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RSS Lawnman

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1 point

Ah hell Jesse,

Like myself, you too are bored with the senseless babble at CD.

While I'm not interested in defending my reasons for my choice of terms for this debate, or addressing the difficulties you've encountered in understanding this debate, but rather I was more interested in a debate that requires a thinking, rational mind. And for that you ought to be semi-thankful no morons are participating.

I'll be more lucid in the future once CD is absent some of the moronic chatter.

Yes, I intentionally used the terminology of this debate to negate the participation of idiots. So, be careful with the accusations.

1 point

Well done!

There is nothing within your post that gives me any reason to counter. Rather, we are in agreement by reason of your strict adherence to the questions of this debate. Oh, I could submit rebuttals, but doing such would require extreme irrationality on my part. And had I argued for the immutability of justice within a democracy, the argument would rest upon a hypothetical premise. Consequently, and after careful consideration of that endeavor, I judged that I am not interested in a college level course of government and its legal system.

1 point

Allow for me a day, probably more, to submit an argument for the immutability of justice. (Treatise like)

After I have submitted my viewpoint we’ll rebut one another’s arguments, if necessary.

(Don’t you hate it when CDers try to rebut an argument without taking the time to honestly explain their position? I do! But I am guilty of the same as well!)

1 point

I hate to state the obvious at times, but I will make an exception at this time.

ABC and NBC refused to air the advertisement because of contractual obligations. Or said another way: ABC and NBC wanted more money for the broadcast of the ad.

Do I have any evidence to support such a claim? I sure do!

Does not ABC and NBC have a price at which they can be bought just as all for-profit organizations can be bought?

6 points

The term, god, is not defined in this so called, babble.

Never debate a man who cannot define the terms of his propositions. When the term, god, is mentioned there are as many meanings to what god is as there are people thinking of god.

God: a term that denotes a supreme authority.

Even the Ten commandments implies the presence of other gods who too are worshiped.

Conclusion: All men/women believe in a god whose existence and authority are predicated upon the intellect of Its' creators.

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