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RSS Slengdu

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1 point

To the Gulags with you.

1 point

We are animals so our subjective interpretation influences us to be both good and evil. There is no person on Earth who doesn't see things in their own version of it and interpret a belief in their own way.

1 point


1 point

His own version of it, not the Marxist one.

1 point

Stalin stood for communism, Hitler stood for racism, elitism and sexism (in Nazi Germany women could never get any job of a remotely high rank) sexism was already socially accepted so he never had to fight for that.

1 point

I knew exactly that Hitler killed himself because he was surrounded. He was surrounded because he fucked up.

1 point

Yeah and that was because he'd fucked up. Thanks for your comment. It is so appreciated.

1 point

Germany originally had 2 allies. One pussied out, the other got nuked. Congratulations Hitler.

1 point

Italy flipped sides completely way before the end.

1 point

Hitler was an utter failure and his strategy of war was pathetic. He ended up with only one loyal ally; an Asian island that got nuked by intellectually damaged Americans whom didn't understand the concept of negotiation.

That entire war a disaster beginning to end. The only thing that came good of it was some scientific and technological research, most carried out on Jews.

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"Better to be a living sheep than a dead lion."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Antarctica

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