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RSS Centifolia

Reward Points:1318
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2 points

The Law.

Both the Moral and Legal codes condemns murder. Abortion is just a legalized murder but in the end, it violated the code of Morality and will face its rightful judgement soon

Centifolia(1318) Clarified
4 points

As a friend, I cant help it but suggest you to stop banning people. Debates are meant for equal rights to speak. No matter how stupid their reasons are.

(Except for Trolls and Spammers like Prodigee.)

2 points

Weird, whats with all this random downvotes and upvotes flowing in?

Looks like someone was using multiple accounts to self-fag

-1 points


alright then, since you asked for an explanation, then so be it.

First off, I said that your reasons are illogical because

1. You claim Fetuses as useless, but can change over time

2. You claim that animals "aren't generally useless"

Contradiction much?

We are all humans and we are all Fetuses once, doesnt that make Fetuses a humans as well, and must be treated as one?

You number of points prove your experiences, and dont you think its shameful to act unreasonable infront of a newbie?

The codes of morality are not the same for everyone

- There is only 1 Code of Morality and it is the golden rule

Do not do unto others what you dont want others to do to you

All the crimes that you speak to me will change over time if you give them enough criticism, (e.g slavery and gay marriage) but this single rule will never dissolve

2 points

Now you lost all sense of being reasonable.

You now say that Fetuses are as useless for a short while. But you define animals as "aren't generally useless"

This reasoning of yours is so pitiful I cannot even laugh

You have 5000 posts, so im sure it does not need an explanation why.

abortion isn't right to you it's still legal in a lot of areas

-Yeah sure, but the codes of Morality is the same for everyone, everywhere, every time.

2 points

First off, I brought that animal rights argument because, as what Chuz said, why is it that animals gets to have rights but not fetuses which are human and has a higher role in the ecosystem.

Second, allow me to clarify something:

Your saying, that as long as a person is useful, then he should have rights, isnt it?

If thats so, then why are senior citizens, bed ridden folks, and insane people gets to enjoy "rights". But not the humans who carries the future with them?

Centifolia(1318) Clarified
2 points

You have just found yourself an ally, comrade.

And I just found myself a friend

I am talking about the folks who are so broken down they can no longer function as a real human being. Are you saying that they have lost their right to live?

And what about animals? Why do you protect their race when they cannot even be communicated with, much less create decisions?

2 points


This is the part where the argument "Doesn't mean legal doesn't mean moral"

2 points

With your logic, are you saying that mentally disabled folks does not deserve to have rights?

As well as animals?

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About Me

"A simple college student working as a part-time writer."

Biographical Information
Name: Florentine Carolinae
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: In College

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