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RSS KrittMasta

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1 point

All 4 comments that you made above just shows that you really don't understand his teachings. You only take 4 truths and expanded in your head without digging further on what each of them meant. You need to read and learn more about Buddhism before making those 4 opposed comments.

1 point

I seriously think that we're arguing from different point of view. Example, existence of suffering is never beneficial. But, knowing what it is is beneficial. I think we have to make that clear first to move on if what the Buddha taught is correct or not. I think you really misunderstood the teachings.

1 point

Are you serious? Just because somebody quote you're just going to steal that quote and reply? That's call ignorant you know. If you at test it yourself then it's something different. I would say that's fair.

1 point

"A broken arm, loneliness or enslavement are all potential sources of suffering", these are all attachment to something that we are coupled with. However, if you practice hard enough, these pain will merely be something that you're used to. Your state of mind is not at the level to understand that yet. On top of that, Buddha himself says that the greatest gift is the gift of great health. True that in certain situation, you will have pain that cannot be fixed. However, there is a reason where Buddha thought to keep yourself away from those situation. Also, part of being in that situation is your karma. It works like money, the more of a good you have, the easier to get away with practice, the more deth that you owe, the harder it gets to train yourself. This is the reason where we weren't all born with equal status.

1 point

I already explain the differences above. You might want to read more before making comment sir. Please read through my comment above before another question. If its unclear, you can ask me to expand on any fuzzy issue.

- Cheers.

1 point

Winning does create harm at some level to people that loses. It doesn't matter in what world or what field, competition creates this duality to project happiness for one side and sadness to another side. Having the majority of people to win like democracy is not a good thing for us all. Imagine if 99% of people agrees for the government to break down your house to make highway and you will leave with nothing, would you think that's a win situation? Competition sure creates the environment that enforce the idea of survival for the fittest. But maybe, it's the fittest because we turn this place into hell hole. For example, if you can compete and get away with playing around with your numbers for the companies' stocks so you can profit the most, is that really a good thing? "Win" and "Lose" are 2 words that create such hatred concept. Though playing video games will have winners and losers, but I think people loving playing because they enjoy the process itself, not the result. I believe it's not that fun to compete with bunch of other companies when you job is on the line is it?

1 point

Lacking of desire has many different context. Depending on how you use it, it can portrait a very negative drive. If you are drowning and you are lacked of desires to get off the water, that's not a wise thing to do obviously. However, if you're a Buddhist, you would solve the problem by trying to get out of the water. Whether you call it a desire to get out of the water, or just desire to solve the problem, or saving yourself from drowning, all could be done with contentment. This means, where there's a problem, you are ready to solve it as normal as everyone else would. With what you have and the situation you're in, you are content to what it is and do your best. You will not complain nor express the over joy of any situations that you're in. You would be able to keep yourself in check of the current situation, emotion, and others. And finally, you'll be able to separate emotions from reasonings and be able to execute your actions peacefully, contently with or without desire. Desire plays no part since you're not using so much of your feelings to take action. I hope this somewhat explains to you the difference of having to lack of desire and contentment. Lacking of desire is just another emotion like bored of it. It has a duality of desire to do or be something opposite of the stated action. Therefore, you cannot escape what you're desire by using the idea of "lack of desire". I hope you understand this.

1 point

Suffering only happens when you feel that you're not getting what you want and you're not happy with it. To let go and accept of what happens and solve the problem or deal with it is the first step to eliminate suffering. The moment that you still think that's suffering is the moment that you're not accepting that fact that you're at that state. This is why the Buddha teaches us to be mindful of what we do. To carefully execute every action with fully thought out consequences. Let say if you're lonely, it's your own mind that makes you lonely. Let say if you get enslaved, means that many rights were taken away, I feel enslaved now with taxes. So what is the fine line of what is and what is not freedom anyway. You are as free as what you desire and fulfilled it. However, Buddha taught that it's impossible to fulfill all your desires and the only way to be free is to be free from your desire NOT freedom of your desires. Competition is an illusion. We all do it to fulfill our desire, no matter what the goal or target of that competition is.

1 point

1. I looked up in and found that the word noble means distinguish, not just good, comfort and beauty. It says nothing about that but only just how great and outed rank it is.

2. Your mind attaches to your body, whether if it's metaphysical or deep thoughts. Notice that sometimes if you pay attention more to where it hurts, you'll feel more pain. Notice that when you want something you can't get, you feel unpleasant.

3. That's because you never tried at least reaching the level ignoring the cold temperature by the stillness of your mind. I have. It worked.

4. Again, suffering causes by attachment or desire. The get rid of them is to let go and be content. Notice, content is the keyword, not get rid of desires. Content means whatever it is, it's ok, you'll make the best out of it. That's what the Buddha teaches and most people are confused and don't get that. Contentment is the key.

1 point

You are confusing yourself not knowing the differences between Lacking of desire and contentment. Many people made this mistake. If I fall in the middle of the ocean, then I'll do whatever I can to get out of it. Some would panic, some would be afraid to die. What we taught is to do your best to resolve the problem, but not to fear nor give up. We can peacefully progress our effort even if the end result of this life time does not please you that much. Your number 4 is exactly what Buddha ask you to do. You don't just take his word for it. You have to look at many scenario and try to understand them. Evaluate them with no bias judgement and find what it is. If you seek no teacher at all then you would only base all the knowledge from yourself. This way, progressing would be absolutely few to none since everyone is not willing to share information with everyone else. Last but not least, meditation works with everyone that is ready. Without having right state of mind from the first place, you would not even look at meditation. Buddha taught progression, not 1 time jackpot lottery. To shave off your desire is like losing fat. Very fat people lose fat faster than thinner people. Same thing like human desire, the further you go deeper into letting it go, the more free you are and the harder for you to do so. Really try it 1 stage at a time before you comment it. Again, just sitting down and act as if you are meditating is nothing more than just a waste of time if you have no concentrate to free your mind from all desires.

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