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1 point

In which case stop eating pork.

Pigs have more in common with adult humans than "human" fetuses.

2 points

I don't see spam. This seems to be supporting evidence.

That there is a lot of supporting evidence I also do not see as flooding.

While I realize the theistic proclivity is to shun knowledge at all costs less it begin corroding superstition, in the spirit of a debate site perhaps at least pretend to care to debate as opposed to preach.

Otherwise the net is flooded with christian chat rooms where you can all happily mimic one another and try to out-love-jesus one another for an extra cookie in heaven.

0 points

Are your fingernails then human too?

After all, they are "human fingernails."

The semantics of a language are not a valid subject to base an entire argument on...

though I understand that it is your only argument and your self-identification dictates you must defend the ridiculous idea, no matter how ridiculous your argument may be.

1 point

If you believe this is a logical argument against abortion, then you have to by definition agree that a human being in the sperm state is a human being, or for females, a human being in the egg state is still a human being,

And then you must logically stop petitioning humans to follow your odd dogma, and spend that time demanding god do so, since in these states god, via nature, aborts far more humans than have ever even been in the fetal state, in all of human history.

Or if you are a reasonable being you could realize that the determining factor is self-awareness and not what that thing will someday perhaps become,

And accept that if one decides to have an abortion prior to the third trimester, nothing in fact is lost at all, not a human, nothing. Nothing more than all of the zillions of sperm and eggs who were never turned into people.

1 point

>< Jesus fucking christ mohamud alla zeus and every other piece of fucking bullshit suppressing mankind.

What part of stop killing fucking people and asking for shit do you not under fucking stand?

Goddammit I hate religion.

All the fuck anyone does in the middle east is kill and worship. Read a fucking book, quit falling for terrorist bullshit.

Lord the world loves a victim. Is Palestine a victim? I don't know. Were they shoved in concentration camps? Have they been called "infidels" and did some random god call for their extinction?

Oh no wait, that was jews, of which comprise all of Israel.

You want to bomb someone, bomb christians, they are the only ones on earth to ever befall any injustice on muslims.

But fuck no, so much easier to blame jews.

Fuck that shit. That is exactly why all of the western world from atheists like myself to these christian idiots supports Israel. Quit bombing shit and acting like pouting kids and start trying to constructively improve your lives and I guarantee you will get billions in aide overnight.

As it is, every penny is spent on bombs, none on food. Palestinians stay poor and hungry and your muslim bullshit "prophet" leaders one after another stay rich and fully loaded with ammo.

1 point

Nothing in this argument refutes either point. And there is nothing mutually exclusive about points one or two so no, it is not talking out of both sides. Dittos, you're not smart enough to debate me. There's a whole group of teenies arguing over Twilight, go play with them.

2 points

No, I didn't like it at all.

But it was honest.

That's what Conservatives have going for them right now, the lunatics who refuse to listen to reason and continue feed the fire of these people who think Obama is the anti-christ.

The image of the President, giving a great speech trying to unify the two sides for the betterment of the people,

and a Conservative representative, shouting like an angry school kid about something that simply was not true.

That's what's going on, and it's nice to have it in the open.

As for Conservative vs Republican,


this was the first thing that came up on google, and I was going to actually give the reason why I no longer separate the two (hint: one doesn't have a voice in office) with definitions and where it all went terribly wrong,

but instead, here's what a "conservative" says link about the whole thing.

lol, I need to take a shower after two seconds of looking at that sad troll's page.

2 points

The cost is exactly why we need to do something about healthcare.

Here is what countries spend per-capita on healthcare link

Yeah, we spend way more right now, even with 10 million people not even paying into the system.

Now, here's where we are ranked based on infant mortality, life expectancy, and general health in the world link

That's right, we pay the most, we have the worst healthcare in the industrialized world. There are 3rd world countries with better healthcare than us.

Every single country with government healthcare has better healthcare than us, and they pay less money for it than we do.

There is no real life example of government healthcare not both being cheaper, and being better for individuals.


Don't fall for the million-dollar-a day Insurance company scam of government = bad healthcare.

It's not true, and they just want to protect the 3 trillion dollars in profits they've made over the last 4 years by ripping off the American people.

If you're concerned about the economy. Than that's all the more reason to want an overhaul of the healthcare system.

65% of all Bankruptcies in America are because of Medical emergencies.

This kills our economy even worse than if taxes had to be increased a pittance to cover that 100 billion you spoke of.

100 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to the money all of these bankruptcies take out of our economy.

More proof some sort of government plan, an option at least with rules for the insurance companies is a better solution than the status-quo: link

This is a link to the best and worst healthcare by States. Now, I purposely picked Forbes because you cannot find a more pro-big business, anti-big government magazine when it comes to economics.

The worst States like Texas, are States where Insurance companies have fewer rules, less competition, and less over site. Look it up if you like.

The top ranked State is Hawaii. Hawaii is also the only State where providing healthcare is mandatory.

The facts are in. This is no mystery jt. Healthcare is a win win for everyone no matter what your politics are.

2 points

I disagree,

the shout was a stroke of genius highlighting perfectly Conservative fall into the dark corners or the far-right paranoid psyche.

I mean, you had a President giving a broad overlay of what he wanted, making two Conservative concessions in the name of diplomacy and at cost to many of his supporters in the name of compromise.

And the response is an angry shout from a man who fell for one of those Internet scams where he thought he could buy a title of royalty.

He represented what has become of his party perfectly.

I mean, let's ignore that the proposed bill says in all caps that no money is to, or ever is to be spent on the Healthcare of illegal immigrants,

nah, just shout stupid shit at the top of your lungs. It was perfect.

Honestly, I think you guys should have him run in 2012. I can think of no one to better represent the party.

(historical point: in 8 years no Democratic Representative shouted "you're lying" during a Bush speech... even when, it turned out, he was lying)


2 points

I show why that ad is full of lies on an arguement a couple places above. It's the argument with the links to the White House's version of the bill they would like.

Yes, I read the entire thing. Yes, that commercial is full of lies.

While there are other versions of that particular bill out there, and much longer descriptions of what each element entails, all of the elements are within the link I provided.

It should be noted, that the other versions out there are attempts to compromise with the right, so that version I provide would be the most "liberal" piece of legislation available.

And where'd your buddy jtopollock go? lol, a couple replies and he disappeared right when it was getting funny ... Must be waiting for the insurance industry to provide him more talking points ;)

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