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RSS E223

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1 point

Yes you can, atheism isn't a religion, it's the rejection of religion.

12 points

A moral compass? Have you READ the Bible? Try reading through Genesis and Exodus and see exactly HOW moral it is (Examples of Biblical Immorality: Innkeeper letting his daughters get raped instead of sending out the Angels, genocide that's ordered by God, infanticide that's committed by God)

0 points

I couldn't agree more

3 points

Sure, there's federal law, but there's also state law and local law, that's why we have state and local government, to make laws that appeal to a certain culture.

"The division between states and the nation as a whole is almost non-existent."

I'm just wondering, do you live in the US? The differences in culture between the North and South are HUGE (I would know, I've lived in both), the differences in culture between the East and West are HUGE, even a country as patriotic as the US has many, many different cultures, and while the division between individual states might not be significant, the divisions between regions of the country are.

"If world government says so we all obey and there's no appealing, no complaining, no escaping."

That's only correct of the world government is a dictatorship. I'm talking about a democratic world government.

3 points

Pfft, the reason that hitler and the USSR failed is because they were bat fk insane. What would work is a world government that is led by people that aren't power hungry (although it'd be hard to find someone that'll run the government that isn't power hungry).

The thing about a world government is that it would have to respect the wants and needs of people from different cultures, that's the biggest problem, assimilating everyone. This could be made easier by subdividing the leadership positions and having more than one set of laws (think states on a global scale.)

4 points

I think that one government would be the best idea, but it'd have to be carefully made. I think that there should be one person in charge of the world at large, then one person in charge of each "region," and subdivide it further. Having one government is the only way to achieve anything resembling world peace because it would make the feeling of "patriotism" irrelevant because there's only one government to be patriotic to. Sure, there would be problems, but there are problems in every government.

1 point

You're making the assumption that the government would be oppressive, which is unfair because there's more than just that option.

5 points

It's not favoring religion if two atheists get married

5 points

Look kids! He started with the watchmaker argument! Please, please, please, stop using arguments that have been proven to be flawed over and over and over! This is the problem that theists have when convincing atheists that there is a god of some sort, you don't use good arguments.

Anyway, to disprove that argument, we recognize that things like jeans, laptop, and WATCHES have a creator because that's the culture that we've been brought up in. We know that they have a creator because there's no method through which they could've come together other than that. But for the complexities of our bodies, the spiders, and the sea shells, we have explained methods by which they reach their complexity (evolution).

The main problem that I have with the watchmaker argument is the inherent fundamentalist theistic blindness that it displays. On the surface, it simply shows the theist ignoring scientific evidence (which is a bit of a euphemism, I've realized. Let's make this clear: evidence means we've SEEN IT HAPPEN), but then you dive deeper and it shows how much the belief in a god (I didn't capitalize it because I wasn't referring to the Abrahamic God) can blind a person to the flaws in their argument. You're stating that a god (which most people say is perfect) created the universe (perfectly). You're arrogant enough to assume that this universe was created for humans, one of the stupidest assertions you can make. If a god exists, he's a damn shitty one for creating all this useless crap around us (the whole universe that we don't really need). Why wouldn't a god give us better, longer lasting, stronger bodies? Why wouldn't a god make the universe centered around us if we were what he created it for? Why wouldn't we be living in a metaphorical "Garden of Eden"? Here's the answer: because a god doesn't exist.

Also, why do you assert that the christian God created the universe?

3 points

Or, you could actually do some research and find out that there are processes by which complexity can be created from simplicity. (EX: Evolution, Conway's Game of Life, Chaotic systems, etc.)

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