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RSS Banana_Slug

Reward Points:845
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Banana_Slug(845) Clarified
2 points

Both, tumor & fetus cannot think or survive on their own .

Banana_Slug(845) Clarified
1 point

I know ;)

6 points

Also we should ban all cancer treatments. Because those little living things in us should have they own rights too.

Removing tumors is a form of non sexual molestation.

A human being in the fetal stage of their life is way beyond that.

why so? cannot breathe, drink, eat, move, think, learn...

You did not understand my point. If egg is a human than every single menstruation is a murder... I just tried to point out how ridiculous is your point of view.


What actually makes us so special... what makes human?

Is it our body? We aren't the fastest ones, we aren't the strongest ones, we cannot fly. We share 97% of our DNA with chimps...

What makes us special is the consciousness, human minds and that is not present in fetus.

No, because with that kind of "logic" you could go eve further, that every unused egg or sperm is a hypothetical human being. So, lets ban fucking and masturbation.

What about going even further? Every little food you throw away could be utilized by your body to build an egg/sperm...?

Until you are born you are not recognized as a human being, this is common in all countries around the world and it will stay that way no matter how much you will cry for some irrational change.

3 points

You are confusing child and fetus .

3 points

You are not child until you leave your mother. So fetus has no rights.

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