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RSS Themadgadfly

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10 most recent arguments.

Immigration is completely fine, so long as said immigrants come to the United States legally. Amnesty shouldn't be given to people who come to my country illegally, because it's illegal. It's insane to me that criminals are humanized by people on both sides of the political spectrum. If illegals are caught at the border, just send them back. We don't need to bring them into the country.

Rape culture

Rape culture doesn't exist.

is when you made that demand

No, it's not! Where did you get that from? Rape culture is defined as "a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse" and I haven't said one thing encouraging or normalizing sexual assault or abuse. I was simply stating that I wanted to see evidence of your possible false claim.

I don't have to

No, you don't. Then again, your point is lost if you can't prove that you were genuinely raped.

I was raped twice.

Show me the court cases.

You don't speak for me.

What does that even mean? How is that relevant to the current discussion? No one said I spoke for you, but I don't much care what you want if it's to keep these subhumans alive.

Uf I don't have the right to healthcare, you don't have the right to my debate

That's incorrect. You don't get a basic right to healthcare, no one has given it to you. I have the right to your debate because it's technically public property, as well as the fact that I have the freedom of speech and can say what I want.

if you contact me without an apology, there will be a problem

Oh, really? Do consequences include you declaring me "your enemy" and having you block me? I'm shaking.

but I am taking a break

From what? From me?

POTUS just went to war with Syria against Russia's wishes

It's not our fault that Assad's leading a country that's supposedly launched a chemical attack. What would you have done, sat in the Oval Office twiddling your thumbs?

This is not prolife that we should go to war

You still can't seem to grasp the meaning of pro-life. Pro-life is a stance against abortion and possibly euthanasia.

kill criminals

Ah, no, not all criminals. Murderers and rapists.

starve the poor and needy to death

No one is starving the poor. As for the needy, are we supposed to throw the federal budget at those who can't financially support themselves? It's not the government's fault that they didn't pursue a career. They chose to be careless, and they have to live with the consequences. This isn't a game, we don't get to restart from a checkpoint if something goes wrong, which is where your head seems to be.

I thought all lives mattered.

Clearly, the lives of murder and rape victims don't matter to you or the perpetrator. And, why do murderers and rapists matter? They had a chance, and they lost it. What, are we meant to give them a free pass back into the good life?

I wasn't playing the victim, I was simply answering the question presented to me. I have nothing wrong with gay people, but I do have problems with people like you who ban people if they don't like what they're saying. I have the right to state my opinion. If you don't like it, that's that but you don't get to censor my response because I hurt your feelings, you absolute prick.

No, gays commit suicide because they're depressed. Why are they depressed? I've no idea, maybe because their families don't accept them.

I'm not policing your relationships, I'm saying you don't get to infringe on people's First Amendment rights, those being the right to freedom of speech and freedom of religion, among other things.

Gay marriage hurts those forced into marrying two people of the same sex despite their religion being specifically against the idea of homosexuality in the first place.

Gay marriage hurts those who are being sued for not making gay couple wedding cakes despite their religion being specifically against the idea of homosexuality in the first place.

In short, gay marriage hurts Christians.

Well, to be fair they aren't entitled to physically make children by themselves, but I digress.

the question is, "How does gay marriage hurt anyone?"

You haven't answered the question yourself, so why did you criticize this guy?

What makes you think that people "choose" to be gay?

What makes you think people don't choose to be gay? I wouldn't call it discriminatory because that would be idiotic, but why can't I choose to like men?

How can gay marriage hurt any one?

It can't hurt anyone physically, unless some radical Christians bomb a gay marriage center or whatever they're called.

I don't have anything against gay marriage personally. But, it can hurt the child the couple might adopt, it can hurt the couples' parents, etc. But, if marrying a member of the same sex makes you happy, go ahead, I couldn't care less.

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About Me

"Avid graphic designer, conservative who enjoys a few liberal ideas."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 75056
Websites: Ergophobe - Youtube
jack - Twitter

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