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zephyr20x6's Reward Points: 2386

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do you support the notion of Substance dualism
1 Added Argument In the USA, how do they spell laser?
1 Added Argument Is Theism a religion?
1 Added Argument What is purpose?
5 Created Debate What is purpose?
1 Added Argument Do you prefer the blunt truth, or an intricate lie?
1 Added Argument How can one rehash the religion debate?
1 Added Argument Should you fight for what's right even when the majority disagrees with you?
1 Added Argument Would you rather live forever, or one day.
2 Added Argument What would you do, if you discovered the meaning to life.
1 Added Argument What would it take to get you to dis/believe in God?
1 Added Argument Did God Create The Big Bang Theory

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