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natara's Reward Points: 32

Points When What Where
4 Created Debate Does education makes a person mature ?
1 Added Argument All junk food and non-nutritional food items will be baned from public schools
3 Created Debate Is criticism is good or bad ?
1 Added Argument Bullying builds character and should be encouraged.
1 Added Argument When it comes to food, a vegetarian diet is the best choice.
1 Added Argument Should they ban violent video games?
3 Created Debate Does people consider humanity, values towards the society or those only in books ?
1 Added Argument Should school attendance be voluntary?
1 Added Argument Should schools stop teaching certain religions or should they include all of them?
1 Added Argument single sex schools are better than co-ed schools
1 Added Argument What is style?
1 Added Argument Do you believe in God?
1 Added Argument Why do marriages fail?
5 Created Debate Does Watching sports in Tv makes people dull & lazy ?
1 Added Argument Should parents be allowed to be friends to their children?
1 Added Argument Should Social Networking be permited at Work?
1 Added Argument White people are smarter than black people.
1 Added Argument Does diversity weaken communities?
1 Added Argument Is the internet being used effectively?
1 Added Argument Should fast food culture be stopped?

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