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 Why do marriages fail? (2)

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Why do marriages fail?

I hope this doesn't come across as a "girly" debate...but it's a real issue in our society and I think it's worth discussing.

Besides divorces, think of how many marriages exist in which both parnters would actually be happier divorced, but they stay together due to religion, kids, or financial or emotional dependency.

My question is old an naive, I know. But is this a problem inherent in marriage or are most people just not great at relationships? Or both? Or neither?

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Marriages fail because of people. They don't have patience or time to nurture the relationship. In today's tech generation everything has to be fast & quick. Nobody care about others and does not want to think about others. Marriage fails by selfish character. They dont have good friends or family to advice them.

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Marriages fail because there is no more love. Most people mistaken lust, infatuation to be love which is not meant to be. people are meant to know what they feel before engaging themselves into marriage. There is time for everything, time to court for a long time and know each other and time to marry. when one is not patient they only see the good side and neglect the bad side which will definately fight back and one will not know how to overcome it. When love fails, people forget that they are not only one but two in one. They care for only themselves and fight over little things. Marriage is not meant for children but for matured people. Love is maturity.