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Wolfgang666's Reward Points: 172

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Inner cities are the new Democrat Elite plantation
1 Added Argument Sollen Sprachkurse für fortgeschrittene Lerner mit einem Kursbuch arbeiten?
1 Added Argument You don't think America should come first? Then fly your ass to Pakistan.
-1 Downvoted Argument Proof of God, Scientific sense
1 Added Argument Does The Genetic Code Evidence The Intervention Of Intelligence In Biology?
1 Added Argument Political and historical ignorance
5 Created Debate Political and historical ignorance
1 Added Argument Is it more ethical to hunt for meat, or farm meat?
1 Added Argument Can I self identify as another race or even another species?
1 Added Argument Are Atheists "Special"?
1 Added Argument Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be manners
0 Added Argument Liberals want Russian system but are scared of a theoretical Russian takeover
1 Added Argument Is it okay for a public school to put up pro-atheism posters?
1 Added Argument When did "agenda" become a bad word?
3 Created Debate When did "agenda" become a bad word?
2 Added Argument Who is the most evil person of all time?
1 Added Argument Can god tell a lie ?
1 Added Argument Should the death penalty be legal?
1 Added Argument Do you agree with Hitchens Razor?
7 Added Argument Religion acts like a mental disorder.
5 Created Debate Religion acts like a mental disorder.
1 Added Argument Is there a "god" that is capable of and is active in influencing the lives of humans?
1 Added Argument Are debates meant to be completely logical?
2 Added Argument Islamic dominance by 2070

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