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 When did "agenda" become a bad word? (6)

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When did "agenda" become a bad word?

Are people trying to turn the word "agenda" into a bad word? Every time I here someone from the right say the phrase" liberal agenda" or " gay agenda" I think they are trying to make "agenda" sound sinister. Having an agenda just means that you have a list of things to do. This mite just be me, but I don't find a wedding cake with two grooms on it all that sinister. But the right acts like gay people want to brake in their house and marry their 8 year old son to 49 year old paedophile. Liberals just want to make sure people of all religions, political parties, sexual orientations, and nationalities won't be discriminated against. But the second someone says " agenda" after the word " liberal " then people start imagining the Soviet tanks rolling in.

Why are people acting like a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics?

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I think we should just start administering the psych meds or at least get people to smoke weed more.

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agenda means something that is for 4 things in rectangle of homework due at your elementary school in 2nd grade its a paper also printed out with writed with a black marker

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I like the way you are doing sarcasm on the word agenda. Most recent examples on the web I have seen about the agenda was written by an influencer whom Bennani encountered on the final liberal agenda comes in talk about drama and then gay agenda.

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agenda is a word for something that has four things in a rectangle. In 2nd grade, it's a paper that's printed out and written on with a black marker. x trench run

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If the agenda contains topics of discrimination, it should not be broadcast. mapquest directions