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 Createdebate Has Gone Downhill! (4)

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Createdebate Has Gone Downhill!

To prevent people for trolling me I am currently making anon account to prevent people from downvoting.


As we ALL KNOW......

Createdebate has gone downhill and no one is currently active anymore. Many better sites now exists like

While this site was pretty good I feel that it sadly now sucks and is filled with trolls and the like. Because of this I might be leaving.


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Darn, I just got here. And now your telling me this site sucks!! Thanks for sharing. Although I was learning this because in the new debates, there are not any new ones really. I found I was debating on something that was 112 days old.😢😔😁😁

Srom(12120) Clarified
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Wow, I didn't know you can put emoji's in our arguments! 😄

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joecavalry is one of the main people on createdebate. You were here when I joined last year. I will always identify that laughing dog with the name joecavalry.

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I've checked out, and if this site dies off completely, I'll probably go there. But I prefer the informal nature of this site, and I actually like that its smaller and less busy.

This site IS highly suceptible to trolls, but it goes through its phases. Maybe an upswing is in the future, maybe not. I'm kinda liking how easy it is to be on the leader board right now though.