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RSS 7thDebater

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7thDebater(294) Clarified
1 point

Fair enough. I definitely understand what you mean .

1 point

Think about it; thousands or maybe even millions of people are born everyday, with billions currently living. Is life still special, still precious, when it is everywhere?

This means nothing. The earths population could be 5 people or 500 billion people. YOU are only given 1 life. Just one, and you must deal with it. As individuals on this planet, life is precious to all of us. No ones life is valued more then anyone else's. We must all do things in our life. Its safe to say that if something can be taken away easily it is precious.

1 point

Even if you disagree with his wording, he is right. Many people have been wrongly convicted and killed. An innocent man losing his life like that is an atrocity.

2 points

What?!? All your doing is going against your point even further. By stating that people die often it shows us that we could easily lose are life. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Life IS prescious.

1 point

The funny thing is "money/cost" can be used as a point against the death penalty. It is one of the reasons im against it. The death penalty costs more money then life without parole. Capital Punishment cost the state of Florida 15 billion dollars in one year (I believe it was '09 or '10).

1 point

Ever since I did a project about capital punishment a long time ago, I have been against the death penalty. It is wrong for many reasons. The person should go to jail. Who are we to take away their life. Yes they did something terrible, but does that mean we should kill them. Also, many families of murder victims would rather the person go to jail then be killed.

1 point

joecavalry is one of the main people on createdebate. You were here when I joined last year. I will always identify that laughing dog with the name joecavalry.

7thDebater(294) Clarified
1 point

Just to clarify by derail I meant divert the train to the other track.

1 point

Paradox44 I really like stuff like this. However I see no reason to kill the five people. It makes so much more sense to derail it. If you derail it 5 people are saved and just 1 life is put in danger (which means theres a chance no lives will be lost) but if you don't 5 people will definitely die.

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"I really enjoy debating. I will talk about a wide variety of topics."

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