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I think we should just start administering the psych meds or at least get people to smoke weed more.

Actually the Bible never really describes the devil as evil. It doesn't really describe who the devil is. Satan is a word the bible, not a name. Satan means " adversary." The Snake is Adams first wife Lilith. Eve came later after Adam and Lilith had a falling out. That's why the earliest depictions of the snake in the garden are always of a woman. The "morning Star" is actually the biblical authors talking shit about another religions God. In the new testament, the devils only crime is offering Jesus food because Jesus had been starving himself for 40 days in the willingness.

There's a lesson to learn from this.

If your starving to death, don't except food from your enemy. Don't give that bastard the satisfaction of saving your life.

Lord Timur

9 April 1336 – 18 February 1405

He was known as " The skurge of God. He stormed into Afghanistan and beheaded 90,000 people for the soul propose of making a mountain out of their skulls.

You don't say that murder is wrong and then kill people. What is the lesson? Plus 4% of all people on dearth row are innocent.

Positive claims require positive evidence and impossible claims require impossible evidence.

What's there to argue?

Hitchens was the Lord of logic.

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