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Cartman(18192) Clarified
1 point

Haha, that's awesome. I am glad you are back to normal.

1 point

Nah uh. Was done by you.

1 point

It doesn't really get dumber than ignoring words said by the other person and making an argument. That was done by you.

1 point

one can do nothing silly.

I don't believe I said you do nothing, silly goose. Leaving off "of the sort" changes the meaning of what I said, doesn't it.

 already told you. I have money on my mouth.

Then we are in agreement.

breathing right? Otherwise I'd be dead.

Unfortunately, yes.


It was like 2 arguments ago.

I am glad that you have given up. This thorough beating that you have received has been great.

1 point

ave firmly placed my money where my mouth is, yet the only thing this has accomplished is causing my speech to be inhibited. Quite counterpro

You have firmly done nothing of the sort. You may want to look into why your speech is inhibited.

man, you are being very hostile. Do I have to go get security ?

You do everything wrong and I am being hostile? Wow.

Cartman, it is your paranoia.

You already demonstrated that I am not paranoid.

1 point

Sorry Old Yeller, you are too far gone. There is no way to help.

1 point

least you've finally admitted that you don't know something.

Yes. It's true. I don't know your IQ.

Something doesn't all of a sudden become a contradiction as it is being pointed out. That suggests that "it was a contradiction, before. It was a contradiction."

You claiming that I made a contradiction is far different from you actually pointing out which parts of what I said were a contradiction. Put your money where your mouth is and actually point out which thing I said that has a direct conflict with something else I said. I am so sorry that you can't figure this out.

ng me a rapist, is really starting to ink my stain, Cartman.

I apologize for calling you a rapist, and I thank you for admitting I am not paranoid. ;)

Cartman, Have you ever titillated the thought, that in reality, you are the rapist?

Wow, blaming the victim. That's messed up. Not only are you attacking me for speaking out against a possible rapist, you are claiming that I am doing the raping. That's terrible. How dare you blame the victim. I am pretty sure the rapist is the one saying the rapist things.

 You're just projecting all of these feeling towards me, as a method to confessing your guilt and frustration, caused by all of your rapist action

In all of your rapist denials you have never actually pointed out anything wrong with the premises I used to determine you were sounding like a rapist. Why is that?

1 point

There is no specific amount required for it to be increased steeply. Just so long as it's a large increase from the starting point, it meets the criterion.

I think I may have overestimated your IQ.

All this means is that you are too silly to realize when you've contradicted yourself.

No, it means that you failed to notice what you quoted. If it were a contradiction, you would actually be able to point out which parts contradict.

My unintentional comedic talent continues to beget befuddlement...

Apparently befuddlement is another concept you pretend to understand.

There is no one after you , Cartman.

Just a creepy rapist on a debate website. Way to totally misunderstand the point of my sentence by the way.

Well , I'm sorry you feel that way.

It is pretty easy to fix. Stop sounded like a rapist.

1 point

Says nothing about being low at first. Only states an increase.

How low did your IQ have to be in the beginning to increase very steeply?

So you admit to being wrong about your assertion that I wasn't following my rules.

No, you quoted me saying that "So, you actually aren't even following the rules". Nice reading comprehension.

In light of recent events, the supposed accuracy of such an inclusion, has been debunked.

Hahahahahaha. Hilarious.

You're being paranoid, Cartman.

Just because I am paranoid doesn't mean people aren't following me.

Cartman, I'm not a rapist. You are safe with me.

You may not be a rapist, but you say everything a rapist would say including "You are safe with me".

1 point

Aww, double post.

1 point

How was what I said in response , and imitation of the response that it was responding to?

It keeps getting better. By saying that your IQ skyrocketed it means that it was low and got higher. You said the exact same thing to me. The great thing is that you don't even understand that, which makes me sound even more correct. The other great thing is that you didn't even do anything clever. "No, you have a low IQ". Sadly though, no one smart enough to understand how great this was won't read it. I will just have to be satisfied with my own knowledge of your demise. I look forward to your rebuttal where you will say you won.

Idk, but I am following the rules.

You finally admit that you don't know something. clap clap

The only thing I need to do to follow the rules, is to avoid anything that contradicts the rules, so since the rules are about something that Cartman, should specifically do, the only thing I need to do, to follow the rules, is to avoid instructing you to do the opposite of the rules.

Except the rules are in place for you to help me. I follow the rules and you don't provide a response that is helpful. So, you actually aren't even following the rules. And, setting rules that other people have to follow are worthless if you don't want to apply them to yourself as well. If you told someone not to jaywalk, but then jaywalk yourself the person is going to believe there is no real reason not to jaywalk.

I wasn't attempting to use the word "never" and it wasn't meant to be apart of the statement.

You were supposed to use the word "never" instead of "only" if you wanted to be accurate.

Cartman, I know you're scared of what may happen.

Yeah, like being robbed or killed by a psycho.

I know you fear change, but aren't you tired of all the negative behaviors that come from your mental diseases?

I fear change, like losing a limb or a permanent disfigurement which is guaranteed if I would be treated by you.

I only want the best for you, cartman.

That is very unlike a rapist, congratulations.

2 points

ROFLMAO? Have you between infected by outlaw60?

1 point

How was that comeback epic? The only thing you stated was that my IQ went up. Lol.

It was epic because you parroted it back to me.

As stated in the rules, the rules were specifically made for yo

Why would I follow the rules if you don't follow them yourself?

 only speak facts.

You misspelled never.

only seen short term memory this bad, amongst my dope addicted patients. You can come clean Cartman, I will not judge.

You have already judged me to be dope addicted, so that's clearly a lie.

I'm not medicating, nor do I need to, nor do I do drugs.

Well, you sound high as fuck, so you must love sugar or something.

I do think that we need to give you a a few detoxes before I start giving you your medication, as to avoid any seriously life threatening adverse effects.

I agree that being treated by you would have adverse affects.

Please, let's keep this civil.

You want to be inside me like some sick sexual predator, and I need to keep civil?

1 point

only appeared that way because of the presence of Cartman's

I always love when a stupid person tries to reply to my epic comebacks. It really illustrates how great my response was.

My only rules were to do more of something, not only that something. So how is it that I am breaking my own rule

Your rules do to more of something are being followed when you don't do more of that thing? How?

But just get your facts from me.

I would love to. When do you plan on staying with facts?

Does not one only need to respond to be handling i

Yes, but this is the first time you have actually responded to what I am saying.

ht. People of such a low mental state such as yourself, just can't be handled without medications

Are you referring to the crazy drugs you are self medicating with? You think they will help me to?

 shutting me out again.

Yep, you are still not getting that whole concept of speaking.


Ew, you sound like a desperate rapist.

1 point

 wave of his hand, 31337 succumbs to Cartman's mind control

Which caused her IQ to skyrocket.

Apparently you don't know how to ask a question.

It is true that my statement was not in question form, good for you. I suppose that makes it ok for you to break your own rules.

sk a question. This usually means that your parents only taught you just fear instead of how to handle you fear

Ok. I think I will get an opinion from someone who isn't a complete moron.

We can talk through this if you like.

That's hilarious. You can't even handle this conversation.

m trying to help you. Just speak to me, cmon.

Apparently you don't know what speaking is.

1 point

You rebuttals suggest that you are retarded or that you're misinterpreting my responses. Those are the only two possibilities.

I very much enjoy you silently misinterpreting my responses. You have not tried at all to figure out my point of view while simultaneously claiming that is the right thing to do.

You are still an idiot when it comes to metaphor, I see.

You really refuse to try to understand anything I say. Why would anyone listen to what you say if you make no effort to follow those rules yourself? My point was that my responses indicate the exact understanding that I have and that I am not silently misunderstanding anything. If anything I am vocally misunderstanding. I was really asking for you to clarify. You told me to ask you questions to better understand you and your response was that I don't understand you. Good job.

Admitting it, is the first step to recovery.

I agree, but I can't get through to you.

1 point

Maybe instead of thinking, you should ask many more questions, instead of assuming you comprehend the other person's point.

Do you feel like you have asked me questions about my position? Do you think you understand my point of view?

Or maybe stop silently misinterpreting other people's argument just to feel clever when it seems as if they missed your misinterpretation of their argument.

I am not exactly sure what about this debate has been silent.

Doing this will help you lose weight and feel better about yourself.

Wow, I thought exercise and diet were the way to lose weight. How silly of me.

When I say "maybe", I really mean it's what you should do.

I know the right answer.

But my mentor tells me to say it that way because it seems less domineering.

Did your mentor forget to mention that if you add the explanation at the end it loses the whole point of the "maybe"?

1 point

You can help me. If you start thinking about the stuff you hear from other people that would help me out quite a bit.

1 point

Ooh, I got you to come back.

You don't have any drugs left. Must have been a wild ride.

1 point

Way to use that magical brain of yours. Enjoy the drugs.

1 point

Man, I ask a great question that completely destroys your argument and you didn't even use the processes in your brain to think about it, while using "processes of the brain" as your answer.

1 point

Contradiction. To put effort into not listening to the right answer, I would first have to know that it's the right answer.

How can you possibly know the right answer before hearing it?

1 point

Which indicates that I know when I'm being wrong which means I'm not really wrong.

No, it indicates that you don't like to listen to the right answer. But, thanks for playing.

What kind of retard are you?

I was doing my best Lumbergh from Office Space. Yeah, if you could come in on Saturday, that would be great.

Only the intelligent do.

Good for you.

1 point

Words are not just words. Good for you.

You love being wrong.

Ahem...No, you're still a retard. :)

Yeah, retards like you don't like logic.

There's not enough butter to make pancakes from this.

Sorry, I don't understand the saying.

I like the nickname, but you seem to have issues with being an attention whore. Speak to me, I can help you.

Hahaha. That's awesome.

OK I'll explain; You meant nothing more than what I said. You're on the high horse, I just told you, retard. I has the white magic. waves a wand. Sparkle sparkle

So, you didn't actually see what I did there. Good. Maybe you aren't on a high horse, but something about you definitely screams high.

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