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negligent's Reward Points: 202

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Need to be banned!
-1 Downvoted Argument Are female children are more beneficial to the society than the male children?
-1 Downvoted Argument
5 Added Argument A psychotic atheist becomes a Christian.
5 Created Debate Can we trust dogs to be around our kids?
1 Added Argument Elmo or Elmo
1 Added Argument Yo mama jokes
1 Added Argument Reading: Good v.s Bad
-1 Downvoted Argument Britain can't keep up with terrorist suspects. Too many to track.
1 Added Argument homework or not
1 Added Argument If you wanna DO terrorism, would you rather use an AR-15, or a knife?
1 Added Argument What is the best way to die?
2 Added Argument Men are more visual than women, and men and women are not "the same". So quit lying.
1 Added Argument What is the craziest theoretical thing we could build or that could exist?
1 Added Argument Does religion blind people or open minds?
1 Added Argument What do you think will not exist in 100 years?
1 Added Argument Are computers helpful or harmful for society?
-1 Downvoted Argument Land Rights
0 Added Argument Should it be illegal to put clothes on your pets?
5 Created Debate Should we have a re-election for the sake of America?
3 Added Argument Land Rights
1 Added Argument Should mass murderer's/suicide bombers get the fame?
1 Added Argument If you were in charge of designing people, would you design them to pass gas?
0 Added Argument Can you turn up the volume in the car to get rid of a smell?

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