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addltd's Reward Points: 5125

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Did you know that all of our debates are on Twitter?
1 Added Argument Any suggestions for a good debate website?
1 Added Argument Why would someone put 'I've been vaccinated' on their Facebook profile
0 Created Debate test for private
1 Added Argument Let's Hear It For Andy
1 Added Argument School Hour Debate
1 Added Argument Can we FIX immigration on our border, when the PROBLEM is in Central America?
1 Added Argument Treasury Secretary calls for minimum global corporate income tax. Will the globe
1 Added Argument Is it possible that Derek Chauvin might be acquitted. Are you for, or against it, and why.
0 Added Argument I'm all but gone from Create Debate so this is me saying so long
2 Added Argument practice
1 Added Argument practice
1 High Rated Argument What's going on here?
1 Added Argument What's going on here?
1 Added Argument I left this site because it had turned into a childish hatefest. Nothing has changed!
1 Added Argument Question for Andy
1 Added Argument Also - I miss all the oldschool guys :(
1 Added Argument Is Addlt still around..?
1 Added Argument I Just Realised The Ads Are Gone
1 Added Argument Who do you think will win the US presidential 2020 election?
5 Created Debate Who do you think will win the US presidential 2020 election?
2 Added Argument Andy, Nom is blackmailing members with threats to dox them on the dark web. So do this:
1 Added Argument It's Thanksgiving how many Democrats have passed away from cooking a turkey
1 Added Argument There Should Be a Limit on Personal Wealth

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