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Jody's Reward Points: 1338

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument How societies turn cruel.
1 Added Argument SD displays In God We Trust, in ALL public schools. Your thoughts?
2 Added Argument Republicans hope for recharge in US-UK ties as Boris Johnson takes power
1 Added Argument Christianity is unnatural
2 Added Argument Some of the characteristics typically ascribed to god contradict one another.
-1 Downvoted Argument Was Jesus anti-semitic? NO, I don't think so.
2 Added Argument Should racial profiling be acceptable practice in the fight against crime?
1 Added Argument Iran hints at possible talks. Will Trump avoid war?
2 Added Argument Is Jesus entitled to be worshipped.
1 Added Argument In the face of a possible war between US and Iran, Iranians turn to Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Added Argument Your thoughts?
0 Added Argument Amarel is Jody/Dermot
2 Added Argument HIV AIDS cure killed along with inventor to avoid losses by HIV meds companies
1 Added Argument Nom Chomsky should eat raw meat
0 Added Argument It Gives Me Such A Warm Feeling Inside Knowing Bronto's Own Wife And Kids Hate Him
0 Added Argument Mingiwuwu doesnt know shit about a noutrition
1 Added Argument DOW 26,966.00
3 Added Argument Should the Police waste time on investigating Black on Black murders.
1 Added Argument The IDIOTS On This Site All Seem To Have One Thing In Common.
10 Added Argument If we found a planet like Earth that was 1 degree hotter...
10 Added Argument Why expect the Sun to rise tomorrow?
5 Created Debate Why expect the Sun to rise tomorrow?
8 Added Argument Do you know what two consenting adults of sound mind, means?
1 Added Argument Jesus was not an idealist concerning this world

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