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Jody's Reward Points: 1338

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Nom has been allowed to shut down CB
10 Added Argument Does aid to Africa do more harm than good?
1 Created Debate Legalised abortion massively reduces crime rates banning abortion destroys societies
5 Created Debate Does aid to Africa do more harm than good?
3 Added Argument I challenged Dermot/Jody to chess. He claims to be a "prodigy" but refuses to prove it.
6 Added Argument Is the God of the Bible, good, or evil?
1 Added Argument All the bad in the world is due to _________ (fill in the blank)
1 Added Argument The life of Jesus.
1 Added Argument Amnesty International goes full leftist, on guns in the US, & warns travelers.
1 Added Argument Do we need common sense knife control in the ISA?
1 Added Argument Is Trump a white racist?

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