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 This is depressing. (2)

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This is depressing.

Does anyone else even check this site anymore? If you're out there...say something. We'll brainstorm debate topics. 

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I gave up on this group once I found out you have to manually invite people in order for them to be able to post. You can't just make it public. I decided I didn't want to play gatekeeper.

Plus there didn't seem to be much interest.

Still, if you want, we can try pushing it again.

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Hmmm...that is a problem. Of course, you could tag the debates as part of this community, couldn't you? I've seen Joe do that with his debates and community, I think. But I guess that wouldn't be any different than posting on the regular site, would it?

If you want to, sure, we can try to bring the site back to life. I think there are still a few people on here who care.

haha....I feel a bit silly; I'm acting I'm fighting for some lost monument or something. But in a way I guess it is like that. This was one of the only intelligent forum-type places I've been involved with on the internet. I really miss actually learning something from the people on here.