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"the only reason palestine hates israel "

Palestine isn't actually a country anymore not since a whole load of american and european settlers decided to kick the native muslims off thie land and form a country called Isreal, since then the counry Isreal has erfused to follow international law and has been expanding its borders beyong what is elgally recongised by the UN, this has led to well over 500,000 settlers inhabiting palestian land, palestian families are forced from their homes a daily basis, and if they refuse and try to stand their ground they are often murdered by the IDF.

"israel has all three major religeon structure. one:the holy sepulchre=christian two:dome of rocks=islam three:wailing wall = jews"

Did you kno that if you are a muslim arab in Isreal you do not have the same rights as a Jew, you are a second class citizen, and this discrimination is legally enshrined in the Isreal constitution.

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I first want to clarify im an athiest and i beleive in God. I'm more commonly referred to as a panthiest. Which incorporates everything athiests belleive but by the same token all religions are correct when not taken as being literal.

Note: By god i mean a man in the sky or any other conception of god, even a higher power is being generous, its more like a form of spiritual athiest where you beleive the universe to be alive( i dont like this word as a stone can be alive in the sense that i mean it) in some way. Gos is a convenient word to use as it is instantly recogniseable.

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