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2 points

The "mediaflow"? You think that we all feel this way because the media told us to? Wow... that is quite an insult! I just know to treat everyone fairly.

3 points

"...bases it's laws off of rationality and not religion."

At least we hope so... and want it to be so... but is it really? I don't think that some people do want this at all!

21 points

I am a scientist and someone who believes in God. Maybe not the way the Bible describes him, as it was written by man and therefore flawed, but I still believe that there is a higher being. We don't have the scientific methods to test for him (or her =)!

2 points

You don't really address any of my questions, Jake. I counter your debate and then you ignore the point and go off on a tangent.

So you say that parents are legally married... ok, so if there is a divorce those people are no longer parents? If there is a death of a parent? You are defining a family in a very narrow sense. Gay sex partners are not what we are talking about here, but gay "people who actually love each other and their children and who stay together."

2 points

What defines a parent? The person who gave an egg and the person who gave the sperm? I have cousins who are adopted and are perfectly normal and healthy, I have those friends I spoke of before who just adopted less than a month ago. These people are all parents regardless of the fact that they did not give birth to these children! This would be no different if 2 gays adapted. I think that being a parent is more about loving and supporting a child than just knocking some woman up! There are thousands of men out there who get a woman pregnant but have nothing to do with the child's life. The way you are defining being a parent this man would be a father... yet has not doing a damn thing other than ejaculate!

3 points

You want a 1 year old child in an orphanage to decide? Why not let them vote, drink, smoke, drive and do other things then... please, they are children and not old enough to make such choices! Plus, do you really think that a child would rather stay in an orphanage than be loved by 2 people in a home where they have family... even if that family is 2 men? I have friends (heterosexuals) who just adopted a 2 year old child because they cannot have kids... that child has some issues, but is so happy to no longer be in an orphanage!

No, I was opposing Jake... there are so many comments, I think that things got messed up, or I clicked on the wrong thing to oppose.

3 points

So are you really saying that a child would be better off in an orphanage than raised by a homosexual couple? I really don't believe that, Jake...

4 points

The problems a child has being raised by gay parents is NOT from the parents themselves, but the horrible way those kids are treated by kids and others who are raised by heterosexual parents. That is the sad data...

It's not hokey, Joe, it is a way of life! I also agree with the quote you posted and try, even though at times it is very hard, to live my life by it:

"God give me the strength to change the things I can,

the patience to put it with the things I can't,

and the wisdom to know the difference."

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About Me

"I am no longer participating in this site. Thanks to those who did participate in mature, well formulated debates!"

Biographical Information
Name: Kirstie Adams
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Catholic
Education: Post Grad

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