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RSS Turpificatus

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Are you asking for what form our ancestors took? In that case, a whole range, from microbes to insects to reptilians to primates. Take your pick.

We evolved from microbial growth that managed to cling to the surface of the earth. I agree that evolution is not the answer to everything, however you must realise that making decisions based on new evidence is much better than sticking to the 'truth'. Aren't you constantly changing in order to meet new, everyday challenges?

I would consider an alternate explanation to the designer jeans scenario, but only considering their explanation is more reasonable and logical than mine. And what circular logic, "god is true because the bible says so. The bible is true because it was written by god", yeah, well, i could say "I am god because i wrote a book about me being god". That's fallacious! Furthermore, just because an option is unpalatable to the conscience doesn't make it any less true. If i thought that Bush didn't exist, because i don't like him, that doesn't unmake him. Also, i am curious how you reconcile your god's omnipotence and omni-sapience, if he knows the future, is he powerful enough to change it? Also, if he has a divine plan, then why give us choice? Surely a wrong choice would ruin his plan, making him neither omni-sapient, nor omnipotent. Furthermore, if he does have a plan, why pray? why should he change his plan for you? and if he does, then he's not omni-sapient, again. I really dont see how you can reconcile these paradoxes.

12 points

In India, there was a young girl born with 8 limbs, part of a rare condition where a conjoined twin did not fully develop, and due to malnutrition, the twin began to reabsorb the body of the other twin. Now, to many in India, this is a miracle, and she is the reincarnation of Ganesh, however western science understands the root cause of this deformity and realizes that without help, the girl would die a horribly painful death. Indeed, her parasitic twin thing was removed eventually, however is this a miracle or a mutation? These 'amazing stories' do not account for alternate explanations and show how ignorant some people are.

The argument could equally be who created the creator? It's ad infinitum. Current scientific theories suggest that our three, bordering on 4, dimensional universe is a phenomenon resulting from a much larger multi-verse. IE, we do not understand yet, but are trying. I think this is a better approach than "this happened, and this is the truth", utterly illogical.

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Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Australia
Religion: Atheist

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