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RSS Simoriah

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1 point

from what i understand what happens is during pregnancy a boy baby is considered an alien object and so the body fights it, making it more feminen (i dont remember the source but that was what they said) and that after more kids your body gets better at it and so younger siblings are more likely to be gay?

2 points

a good point, no one else has brought up the parents. and not wanting my opinion to be misconstrued, i would like to say that if gay marriage was accepted, and gay people themselves, i dont think that the parents would be hurt so much. i think they are mostly hurt because they dont think it is good for their kids bc society like to push that opinion.

2 points

gay people shouldnt have to choose a different word.

marriage refers to the union of two souls

yes, generally from different genders, but if not, so what. a word is a word.

this isnt semantics. people need to stop saying "no, bc 'marriage' means a man and a woman"

when we say should gays be allowed to get "married" we mean, "should they have the right to be allowed official union"

2 points

1) gay marriage does not "erode family" if anything, they are happyier bc that family actually wanted their child, they didnt have an accidental condom breaking baby, so they were prepared.

2) if they did, that shouldnt be why you vote for it, that is in fact, the stupidest thing ive read on this page. "ooooo, vote for this bc it destroys religions!!!" how immature and stupid. are you trying to look cool or somthing? bc it didnt work.

2 points

i just wanted to add this, but

since aids comes from monkies....

im pretty sure gay people didnt spread the first strain through humanity.

i would venture to guess, that some straight guy out in the jungle on some expedition thing, got really horny and fucked a monkey.

a gay guy, would just go have sex with the other gay guys there. and, they tend to be cleaner and pickier, so i dont think they would go for a monkey....


(yes, an immature thing to say, but hey, alot of the people here are already saying stupid crap, i thought id add this too)

3 points

in case you havent noticed...


there are gay women too, i think they are called lesbians.


so, yeah,

1) marriage does NOT protect women. it gives men more control over them

2) women can marry other women too if gay marriage is allowed so there wont be a shortage of men or what ever you are thinking will keep the women from getting married.

3) people did say interracial marriage would hurt ppl, thats why black ppl werent even allowed to look at white women with out getting hung. you know, why back when black ppl were getting their rights?

well, same thing, different ppl. wich means

4) interracial marriage is very relevant.

5) if you are worried men hurt women, then why not let men marry men and women marry women? then the men will leave the women alone. DUH

1 point

i agree, this cannot be "evolved" though, i do think it is genetic (will talk about this next).

cant be evolved because- according to darwin, we (animals) evolve so that we can survive and have stronger offspring. gays cant have kids, therefor, why would they have "evolved" into being gay?

is genetic - see my previous arguements

3 points

actually, if you have studied crime, you would know, that it is middle aged men who are not gay who ass-rape little boys. people who have been married to women and have their own kids and everything.

1 point

so do people wake up one morning and deside, hey, im going to like people of blank gender!

no, they do not.

you start getting crushes and likeing people in pre-school, what could have already influenced them by then? they havent been exposed to sex or anything, they dont know what "gay" is, so how can they be influenced or choose?

2 points

exactly, eharmony is required to provide matches to african-american people too, but, what if the owners dont want to? should they have that right? no!

so why should they have the right to descriminate against anyone?

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