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RSS Kroticfate

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5 points

I believe in gods but not a absolute god such as Jesus christ or Allah that created everything inclusive us human beings. Gods that create everything just didn't exist in me and the reason is very simple.

Gods are said to have supernatural powers of everykind such as looking into the future and reading people thoughts and etc.

Here is a point which i wanted to raise regarding the genuity of Jesus professed love for everyone.

If God have the power to see the future and if he love us why did he create Adam and Mary when he knew that if Adam ate the apple from the tree, he would have betrayed god.

If God loves us and have the abilty to see the future, why did he create us humans when he knew that we would eventually become bad and punish those bad humans by flooding the land ?

If God have the ability to see the future why did he create lucifer when he knew that lucifer one day will betray him and god will punish him by banishing to hell ?

And why did god put the tree of 'not sure what is it called'in the garden of Eden where Adam and Mary lived.

If he owns the power to create the universe why is he so unwise to put something that would cause Adam to become a so called 'normal'human being ?

If god cares for everyone, why did he in the bible say that animals are for humans to consume for food but not kill for fun. Indirectly he is saying that animals are something he created and we can kill for our own advantage. But apparently animals are similar to us human beings too. Animals have feelings like us and they feel pain when the chopper is brought down to their neck. If God is really benevolant to all living things he could just invoke his magic powers and let the animals feel no pain when they are being slaughtererd.

But why did he give animals feelings ?

And i strongly feel that we humans aren't suppose to consume animals.

Our teeth are harbivourous and our digestive system are that of a vegetarian not a meat eater.

We can eat meat yes but not too much as when they die, waste materials in the animals such as Urea will be sstored inside them. When we eat them we eat their waste materials.

There are so many inperfections of God and i can hardly name them all in one go.

Here is my point and question towards those to believe in god.

Why did your beloved god create you when he could just not create you and not make you suffer.

Another question:

Why did god create us in the first place ?

To be his puppets ?

For fun ?

So that god will not feel lonely ?

I heard many weird debaters insulting me as an idoit and so on but this is just my views on christianity and gods that create everything.

This argument meant no offense to anybody but is just to express my opinions and beliefs.

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