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4 points

Says who?

I do, along with many others I presume.

Do you realize how much death there is and how common it is? 

Yes...wouldn't that create a stronger case for life being precious? If everyone lived for hundreds of years and rarely died of non-natural causes, the value of life would certainly be diluted.

Assuming you believe there is a "god", why would death be such an everyday-thing if your "god" put such a high value on life?

Wouldn't you agree that the prevailing presence of death is what causes life to have a great value?

It can also be the other way; thousands perhaps millions of people are born each day. Think of it as this; if diamonds were everywhere, would they still hold the same amount of value?

I don't think you have a very good grasp on life. A much more relevant and meaningful comparison would be this: Everyone in the world has one diamond. This diamond can be destroyed by others and if this happens, the owner ceases to exist. Even though there are billions of these in existence, you can easily see how much value is tied to them. To go along with your example, one could have all the diamonds in the world, but if they're dead, what value are the diamonds? To say that life isn't valuable because it exists everywhere is obviously illogical. Are light and air not valuable since they are present almost everywhere?

5 points

I actually just recently moved to this side of the issue. I realized that most of my other beliefs are founded in the notion that life is of incredible value. I don't support the death penalty, but I certainly understand why many believe it is necessary.

1 point

I can't stand American Dad. Probably because it centers around a constant bashing of Republicanism, which gets pretty old after a while.

Admittedly, the old Family Guy was much better, but the jokes are still solid. Aside from that, there are a few twists that keep it interesting. The characters are more dynamic and have more interesting interactions among themselves.

Brian and Stewie or Klaus and Roger?

Definitely Brian and Stewie. In my opinion, they're what really sets the show apart. Roger comes off as really annoying and strange.

Peeta and Louis or Stan and Francine?

This is more of a toss-up. Peter is great but Lois is one of the weaker characters. Stan and Francine have a good dynamic.

Meg and Chris or Hayley and Steve?

Another toss-up. Meg and Hayley are similar, but Meg provides more humor. Chris is more of a minor character and Steve is probably the strongest character in American Dad.

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