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RSS TheAshman

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1 point

I have Gay friends some of whom are married and some of whom have kids, the Kids do well in school and at least one of them is Straight the other thing I have noticed is that the population of the town is not dwindling in fact its increasing. To me this is proof that Gay people do not make better or worse parents than straight people and the real shocker having married Gay people in the world does not stop people having babies and their straight friends, have all stayed straight its amazing really.

1 point

Homosexuality has been around for Thousands Of Years and I dont see the world ending due to lack of babies, the reason for this is Homosexuality is not a Philosophy, its a sexual orientation and a straight person cannot turn gay anymore than a gay person can turn straight.

So there will be Gay people for many more years and straight people churning out babies for many more years, you dont have to worry the world is more likely to die due to overpopulation than the human race die out hecause of a homo plague that'll stop people procreating (even if the world did turn Gay, Lesbians could still have children so the human race is quite safe).

1 point

When laws were passed giving Blacks equal rights using your definition hurt lots of people, the KKK did not want Blacks having the same freedoms as themselves so when the Blacks did they would have been "hurt" and forced to live in a world that made them uncomfotable, so are you saying those laws giving Black people the same freedoms as Whites were wrong? If not why should giving Gay people the same rights as straight people be wrong just because it might make some small minded bigots uncomfortable

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"Too weird to live too rare to die"

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Age: 50
Marital Status: Married
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Country: United Kingdom

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