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RSS SupremeLord

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Money can help you, but not create something completely non-existant.

1 point

Haha nice, I just punch them in the face with my magnetic pulse rifle.

1 point

NOt everything has to be 50%, 50%. That is childish thinking.

Also, if you look at basketball players, how many are white I wonder.

2 points

I am pretty sure I could teach a monkey to do AIDS research.

0 points

I know eh. Only the students that would get A in this system but F without the system would defend it like a little rat.

1 point

Everyone of them has attended college.

But I dont care about getting Nobel Prizes. Neither do most people in world. Espeically the younger generation.

That old trend is fading away fast

0 points

You said "who went to university, atteind a degree, and then became a professor..."

those were his mistakes. Plus, even if it isn't. Just because he went to an university more than 50 years ago. I must do as well.?

two different things with the same name aren;t the samething. Agree/disagree guys?

1 point

Just use or common sense and you will know it isn;t worth the time and money. -.-

1 point

andsoccer16 is apparantly depressed as hell.

Read up his previous posts.

Global Warming IS happening, but so is global cooling.

-1 points

GLobal warming IS happening.

However, global cooling is happening as well.

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