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RSS J-Roc77

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J-Roc77(70) Clarified
2 points

There are some other documentaries (I haven't watched this one) that outline this group as a cult.

They find men who have poor social skills, poor mental health etc. and use brainwashing/badgering techniques to change the behavior of their targets. See their schoolyard bullying techniques as an example. Any contention of their obviously poor logic construction or factually deficient claims are met with ridicule by the members rather than counter claims. Goal posts get moved regularly etc. On their site they delete and ridicule any naysayers to keep the message consistent, they do not allow for alternative ideas to their own.

Their claim to teach social competence is undermined by their inability to have healthy discourse on the most basic levels. Oddly enough the behavior of their representatives puts them in the role of a disobedient child and their socially acclimated targets of their trolling as the authoritative/parental figure they are lashing out at. This puts them at odds with many of their claims on several levels.

There is nothing to be gained from interaction with them save for practice in psychological profiling of certain behaviors.

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"30's something guy. I have an interest in argumentation and philosophy. Here to test some ideas."

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Name: Jo Lo
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