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RSS Facadeon

Reward Points:510
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1 point

Don't disrespect Michael Jackson; he was a great man who was abused in his childhood, and was further abused by the media; spreading nasty, outlandish rumors.

Homosexuality is nothing like pedophillia or cannibalism; it is the consensual relationship between two developed adults who happen to be of the same sex. Cannibalism is an act of assault which really can hurt people, and pedophilla can destroy the lives of children who are not fully developed in maturity and sexuality.

Literally hundreds of animal species have been observed to have homosexuals- which means it is a natural occurrence.

1 point

When it is of two consenting adults, it is fine. When it involves children and adults- who are not fully developed, it is crossing a line. When it involves an animal- who is not as socially aware as a human, it is crossing a line.

So basically, it should only be a consensual relationship between two developed beings.

1 point

Teh humaan Sentapeed!

1 point

I concern is what's next? Lowering the age of consent to 10yrs?

Nothing comes next.

Science has observed homosexuality in over 800 species and counting. It is just a thing of nature that just occurs and it is completely harmless.

So what if they are born with estrogen or testosterone imbalances, they are hardly different from us.

Sadly, this society has this immature fear against them- no thanks to religion.

1 point

Since when did he intend to rid the world of morals? He is just reminding us that we shouldn't be intolerant assholes in a free county- when the thing we are discriminating doesn't affect us at all- so why should we care what they do in their homes?

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About Me

"Name- Fa├žadeon. Pronounced- F ah-sai-d ie-ahn. Meaning- The God of Illusion and Trickery."

Biographical Information
Name: Facadeon 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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