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RSS Abbott

Reward Points:158
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1 point

first off stop making argument's that make you dizzey if you try to read it. Second

"I know for a fact that some people DO choose to "be gay" as one of my friends is newly gay"

ok you both are wrong ok you are wrong for acting like you KNOW exacly what happens and the same to the other guy now i THINK that it can go either way just like you can be born with aids and you can get them ( i wasn't implying anything but i was stating a fact) and you can be born with knowledeg and you can get it. so there!

2 points

Why should the government have any say in how people run thier lives? I might not ever know the answer to that but i know why the government does. Becuz even thought we don't say it out loud we think like ing some one of the same sex deserves a title. WELL IT DOESN'T! same sex relationships are the same as different sex relationships. I don't know first hand but i would think that a same sex relationship would be better then a different sex relationship just becuz the SS relationship would mean they new more about how that body type works. BUT the government does'nt work that why all they see is since it is not the same we don't like it. and it is so fucked up becuz it is like the the gov. is yelling " FUCK YOU FAGOTS AMERICA HATES YOU AND YOUR WAYS" and that pisses me the hell off! i think that if you wanna fuck some one with the same gear have fun! just don't try it on me!

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About Me

"I love to have fun and i don't like people that hate! hating is bad!"

Biographical Information
Name: Traci None of your biznass
Gender: grrrl
Age: 22
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School
Via IM: imTracy

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