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ryuukyuzo's Reward Points: 607

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument What do you think about homosexuals? And about homosexuality?
1 Added Argument Can the transport of food over vast distances be justified?
1 Added Argument Whats the point of religions why do we need them.
1 Added Argument The Greatest Leader in History.
1 Added Argument Should Slavery be Legalised?
1 Added Argument What if religion was never invented or heard of?
6 Added Argument Does science only support atheism and not religion?
1 Added Argument Should the Democratic Republic of Congo become the 51st state of America?
1 Added Argument Is Atheism a Religion?
1 Added Argument Are some People more Important than Others?
1 Added Argument Should we Genetically Modify Humans?
0 Added Argument Do All Chinese People Look Alike?
1 Added Argument Would it be okay to Kill One Person to Save Another?
8 Added Argument Which is more Advantageous to Society: Communism or Capitalism?
1 Added Argument If I Throw a Dart and it Hits Someone, but I didn't know they were there, is it my Fault?
1 Added Argument Atheists are cleverer than Christians.
2 Added Argument Have the New-Atheists redefined the term ''atheism''?
1 Added Argument Do you look at CreateDebate members profiles?
1 Added Argument God: Myth or Reality?
1 Added Argument Gas Cars or Electric Cars
1 Added Argument Commercials... How do you feel about them?
1 Added Argument Is True Communism Impossible to Achieve?
1 Added Argument Superman, Spiderman, Batman - superheroes or misleading idols?
1 Added Argument Is our nation prepared for another 9/11 attack.

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