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YLY1996's Reward Points: 142

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Live: House Oversight Committee holds hearing on Trump's child separation policy.
1 Added Argument Agree, or disagree?
2 Created Debate Who do you say Jesus is?
1 Added Argument Is salvation, the free gift, Christians can't lose?
3 Created Debate Trump to send Rand Paul, to Iran to reduce tensions. Your thoughts?
1 Added Argument This Nom Chomsky guy is a Hitlerian Jew hater. Anyone else notice?
5 Created Debate Is salvation, the free gift, Christians can't lose?
1 Added Argument Why God allows suffering.
3 Created Debate Agree, or disagree?
5 Created Debate Iran hints at possible talks. Will Trump avoid war?
5 Created Debate Your thoughts?
5 Created Debate Is Jesus entitled to be worshipped.
4 Created Debate Why God allows suffering.
2 Created Debate Archaeologist allegedly finds place where Abraham met Melchizideck.
1 Created Debate Breaking news: Missing Iranian tanker found.
1 Created Debate Why Christians believe, while others reject Him.
4 Created Debate Please tell me all of the horrible things that happen to smokers. Please scare me.
5 Created Debate In the face of a possible war between US and Iran, Iranians turn to Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3 Created Debate Corrupt Bill Barr to not charge officer who murdered Eric Gardner.
1 Created Debate Breaking news: Trump to end asylum at the Southern border.
2 Added Argument Democrats say teens are mature enough to have an abortion without parent's consent, BUT...
1 Added Argument The hateful bigots on these debate sites have swallowed the Left's no fault ideology...
2 Added Argument Should the Bible be taught in schools?
1 Created Debate Is Lordship salvation Biblical?

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