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Slavedevice's Reward Points: 1259

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Should Assisted Suicide Be Legalised?
1 Added Argument Can Science and Morality co-exist?
5 Created Debate New Religion Possible?
0 Added Argument It's A Ghost Town Around These Parts
1 Added Argument The current political spectrum is outdated. We need a new wing.
5 Created Debate Th Bible is Blame for Racism
1 Added Argument Blacks Lives Matter now fighting each other
1 Added Argument We can change the world once we burn Capitalism to the ground
1 Added Argument Why Islam makes more sense than Christianity
1 Created Debate Son of Odin’s Back!
2 Created Debate 3rd Axis - There’s Alt to Right vs Left
1 Added Argument What happened to everyone on create debate?
1 Added Argument It is common knowledge that psychopathy is integratable and even rewarded in a capitalist
1 Added Argument As A Trump Supporter I Have Been Thoroughly Disgusted By His Failure To Protect Americans
1 Added Argument Follow the German anti covid-19 procedures.
1 Added Argument Have we FAILED in ALL respects under this Acting President?
1 Added Argument Is homosexual behavior harmful to society?
2 Added Argument How can a compassionate God exist, when compassionate Christians, do not?
1 Added Argument Did Mayor De blasio just attack the Jews?
1 Added Argument Slay a third of mankind
5 Created Debate Can I be Semi-Nazi?
2 Added Argument What's a million and half kids, anyway?
5 Created Debate Why Would China give us covid
0 Added Argument Fact: Jews control the NWO

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