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Love2debate's Reward Points: 30

Points When What Where
6 Added Argument Is CreateDebate or DebateIsland better than for online debates?
1 Added Argument Will Trumps wall really do ANYTHING?
1 Added Argument Which one is better: Computers or Phones???
1 Added Argument WTF - I found MY debates on debate island.
1 Added Argument Do you prefer Google or Bing search engine
1 Added Argument Trump Compared to Peter the Great
2 Added Argument Trump Compared to Peter the Great
1 Added Argument Should torture be abolished?
1 Added Argument Why is createdebate still around?
1 Added Argument Are we all one human race?
1 Added Argument CreateDeabate app
1 Added Argument Is it possible that a cruel God that enjoys seeing us suffer exists?
1 Added Argument 72 Terrorists have come from the 7 Banned Countries
1 Added Argument When passing by a stranger a narrow walkway should do so with ass or crotch?
10 Added Argument Trump Compared to Peter the Great

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