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Iacov's Reward Points: 68

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Can I get an amen? (from theists AND atheists)
1 Added Argument Gay man says homosexuality a mental disorder? Is he right or wrong?
1 Added Argument New Islamic Decree: Lust for daughter not a sin? What?
1 Added Argument Planned Parenthood
1 Added Argument Islam is the worship of Satan, the devil
1 Added Argument Humble Christian destroys Atheist apologist on facebook in epic throwdown.
1 Added Argument Islam is the worship of Satan, the devil
1 Added Argument Homeowner’s son shoots and kills three would-be burglars
1 Added Argument Liberals say that Conservatives do not care about children after they are born...
1 Added Argument Is marriage between a man and a woman?
1 Added Argument Will God forgive me?
1 Added Argument Why are liberals so unhinged....
5 Created Debate Would you support a American theocracy?
1 Added Argument London Westminster shooting is being treated as a "Terrorist Attack"
1 Added Argument Black Lives Matter leader: Police officers "evolved" from "Slave Catchers"
1 Added Argument Can free will exist if God does not exist?
1 Created Debate All liberals have the same views on all issues.
1 Added Argument Millennials were brainwashed into being a cult.
1 Added Argument Is war inevitable given human nature?
2 Added Argument The Cult of Liberalism is Orwell's 1984
5 Created Debate Is war inevitable given human nature?
1 Added Argument There are so called Christians who vote for Dems because they say they care for the poor.
2 Added Argument Atheism Islam, two sides of same coin
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