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Buks's Reward Points: 42

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate Can you tell if people mean what they say through eye-contact
2 Created Debate Transactional or Transformation leadership style
5 Created Debate Do you think all murders should be sentenced to death or should be given another chance.
1 Created Debate Twitter Vs Instagram
3 Created Debate FAITH AND PRIDE.
1 Added Argument Cristians or muslims?
1 Added Argument if it emerged that Dianna was murdered, what would happen?
1 Added Argument Is it wrong for a priest to adopt a child
5 Created Debate Is it wrong for a priest to adopt a child
1 Created Debate Which of the parents do you think labours more on the children.
2 Added Argument Should a pastor HAVE to tell if a criminal confides in him?
1 Added Argument It is rape if you have sex with a drunk girl

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