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 What is the best solution to global warming? (4)

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What is the best solution to global warming?

Keep in mind cost, practicality, etc.

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Carbon taxes. Simple and straightforward. And if any countries fail to cut emissions sufficiently, other countries should impose carbon tariffs on goods imported from those countries. It'll be bad for the global economy in the short term but it will eventually lead to clean energy solutions.

Side: Carbon taxes and tariffs
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I think the scientific facts about it should be more well-known. I once tried to research global warming, to see if it was really occuring(to be honest, I still haven't really looked at the facts yet). Although I was just in high school and gave up quickly, I found something really upsetting when I looked at the sites stating that global warming is indeed a problem: The sites I found didn't give much of ANY scientific evidence about it! I know that NASA has some evidence, and that is obviously a reliable source, but I think if the facts were more widespread and it wasn't known by conservatives as simply "something Al Gore said", then most reasonable people would seek solutions. So really? An excellent solution to global warming is information.

Side: Facts and information
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Move the earth farther from the sun, obviously. Then we can continue living as we are, without regard to the long-term damage we are causing, until we create yet another immanent global disaster.

Side: immanent global disaster
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Global emission trading would be great. Emmission rights should be allocated to countries according to population.

The biggest problem with this approach is how to prevent illegal emissions, especially in countries where people don't care about traffic rules or building codes I can't imagine that they suddenly stick to the letter of the law when it comes to emissions.

Side: Emission trading