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Make everyone an admin


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I'm thinking about just making everybody who joins this group an admin.

Hopefully we can trust each other not to go deleting arguments we disagree with or engaging in other sorts of bad behavior.

I'm wondering, is it possible for one of you other guys to remove my admin status (and then put it back :)? I can do this from Admin -> Manage Users. One problem I could see with this scheme is one jerk deciding to take away admin status from everyone else.

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frenchieak(1132) Disputed
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Since this is a public community, I would disagree because anyone could join and act serious until made an admin, at which point they would have the power to cause some major disruption. It's better to evaluate each user and only give him/her admin status once s/he has earned it.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't there no requirement to join the community? So what would stop a troll from joining and deleting everything? Your optimism is inspiring, but I don't think giving total admin control to everyone is such a good idea. I can only see a negative effect to that. If you make a few people admins who log on daily, then that would be more than enough to effectively moderate the community. Each additional admin increases the likelihood of abuse. Therefore the most rational choice would be to make just enough admins to properly enforce the community guidelines. Adding more admins will not make the community any better, it will just make admin wars, trolling, and admin abuse that much more likely. Maybe I am just too much of a pessimist, but I don't advise giving everyone administration privileges.

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Yeah, ok, I'll leave it as is. Five mods seems about right.

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