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Yes, demand more from reps No, keep democracy as it is
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Intelligent Politicians in Government?

Although democracy historically entails the representation of the public at large, fairly recent developments in science, technology and human knowledge in general has produced societies with great power and complexity. As democracies in the modern age continue to grow in power and numbers, should more be demanded from the political representatives of the people?

One way of getting more qualified politicians into government is to mandate some set of tests that cover various disciplines/skills from which anyone who wishes to run for office must choose at least one and pass. Currently, politicians are not required to pass any type of skill test in order to run for a position in the government.

Nevertheless, controversies may arise in many forms. Following the lead of the previous example, one such example of a controversy is a severe over-representation of very specific group of people (in this case intelligent people) in government, which does not align with the conventional definition of democracy. Perhaps simple-minded people must be elected in order to accurately represent the demographics of people within a given political boundary.

Yes, demand more from reps

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No, keep democracy as it is

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isn't "Intelligent Politicians" an oxymoron? ;)

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Side: Yes, demand more from reps
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Honestly, I think it's an excellent idea to create some means of ensuring that those who run the country are intelligent. But I don't know if a test is the best way...some people are incredibly smart but really terrible at tests; and anyone can pass a test if they study the nature of the test and the specific material on the test enough... So I'm not sure that a test is a great solution. However, I can't think of any other solution either...

Side: Yes, demand more from reps
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