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Very freaking racist! Not racist enough!
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How racist is the Miss Black USA site?

If you are not sure if that site is racist,

just consider:

How racist would a "Miss White USA" site be? 

Very freaking racist!

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Not racist enough!

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Expose a person who is a from a minority group as a racist and no one bats an eye.

Expose a person who is white as a racist and everyone loses their mind. ;)

Side: Very freaking racist!
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Quordle is a brand-new word-puzzle game that operates similarly to Wordle but with a small difference. When playing Quordle, you must concurrently predict four words rather than a five-letter word.

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You have that backwards. No one bats an eye about calling white people racists.

Side: Very freaking racist!

I know, right? I was told how privileged I am because of the color of my skin.

Side: Very freaking racist!

Its very racist to judge by skin color. We are all one human race.

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It's not intrinsically racist (as I am sure that this is to promote African American modeling). However, it does set itself up to a Miss White USA. If a Miss Black USA can exist without intrisically being racist then someone else of another race or skin color could do the same if they truly feel the need to promote their race.

Side: Not racist enough!
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The funny thing is on the eligibility, they don't require you to be black. I guess they can get thrown into a legal cesspool if they required that.

Side: Not racist enough!