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JakeJ is right. We totally would. Then again, putting the effort into an ad that's meant to scare the living hell out of people is pretty bad.

We should make more happy ads.

I think they should make pro-anti-obamacare ads instead of anti-obamacare ads. That way they can put a happy spin on it.

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I loves me some books that I can keep. You know, you don't have to worry about an electronic lock activating or it accidentally dying in a terrible formatting accident. But I think electronic books are eventually going to take over. The future is coming. I hate the future.

Almost as much as the past.(lol native american genocide)


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Well, I won't be using them. If my rotting corpse can save someone's life, I say go for it~

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Best way to solve poverty?


Other than that which most free men fear?


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Considering my preferred career field is in computers and I currently work at a computer store where I fix computers, I'd say no.

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There's always going to be a blood price for technology, but that isn't the fault of science, it's the abuse of it. We can make the world a better place by finding cleaner ways to run our cars, easier ways to produce food, and ways to ensure criminal activity is kept at a minimum without crippling freedom.

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