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I agree. Thats why I try to be a good person. :)

I provided a link which you refuse to look at. Stop trolling.

I provided a link. Its not my fault you refuse to read. .

I dont have to. Logic says that good debaters prove their claims. The burden of proof is not on me.

Supporting Evidence: You ask, I answer. (
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Its cool. I still like you. :)

I dont agree with you. People need to prove their claims.

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Im sorry for the double post.I did not mean to do that. .

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Thank you. .

I dont remember creating this debate before. What should I do? .

I dont agree with you. People need to provide proof if they want their claims to be believed.

Hitchens' Razor is right because people need to prove their claims. I do not agree with you at all.

There is proof of your claim in any calender I look at. I have to take responsibility for my own mind.

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Hella agreed. Things were pretty bad in the 1950s. Blacks and brown people were denied due process and interracial couples couldnot get married. :(

You can because of free speech, but that would not be logical, imho.

I deeply respect you for that. I would too. Im only in favor of using force I extreme cases.

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Thank you. I agree. .

What about rape, murder and torture? .

I def respect that, but what about torture, rape, and murder if the person can be proven guilty?

I did not make your account. .

Its very racist to judge by skin color. We are all one human race.

I know, right? I was told how privileged I am because of the color of my skin.

The burden of proof is on the people making the claim. .

For the health of the mother, yes. .

I do not because empirical evidence exists to support you claim. All I have to do is view a calender to see that you are right.

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