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I find it hard to relate these two. Here is why.

Here is the definitions of molest:


Pester or harass (someone), typically in an aggressive or persistent manner.

Assault or abuse (a person, esp. a woman or child) sexually.

If the woman chose to have an abortion is that abuse? Or assault?

Or are the doctor pestering or harassing her? This debate can't be validated by comparing butterfly molestation to abortion.

LizziexLaura(4278) Clarified
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Yes lol. Sorry if I had that so cloudy .

LizziexLaura(4278) Clarified
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A child, by my opinion, has rights when the brain starts working. There are two ways I view life though. I would just say maybe when our brains are active do we truly begin life.

LizziexLaura(4278) Clarified
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In my opinion it depends on which life you take in as life. I believe that life starts when your brain begins to become active. I think that that grants you the rights that you may receive later in life.

LizziexLaura(4278) Clarified
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Yes. Because your life truly starts when than brain switches on. That's what I am saying. Technically a seed is just halted in its life. Plant it and it begins to grow. Same for the human.

LizziexLaura(4278) Clarified
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You life starts after fertilization. Your rights begin when your brain becomes active. I don't see what is hard about that.

I believe this is when your rights begin. You life obviously starts when you are fertilized and begin growing. I think that's when you inherit those rights when your brain develops, not fully, but enough to make the body move or process information.

When the child's brain can develop its own ability to move or process information then absolutely. It would only make sense to allow it.

I won't report you at all. That's not me. Who are "the mods"? I guess all I can say is try to make a new debate about something you like. I think you may get a different result.

What happens if I report all of your argument because you keep reporting people. They aren't really "abusive" I would advise slowing down your rate of reports.

Same here. And you may be reported my friend. Its all good though.

No. Humans have been able to make amino acids. Also your link is a picture. A clone is not yours. A clone can have a baby of course. A clone is not yours.

Not exactly. If we can create amino acids then we can do much more. A clone of an egg isn't one produced by the parent. It doesn't belong to it.

Oh then still no. Make it in a lab. It won't belong to you. It will not be your young. Sorry I misread the question and looked right at the picture. My fault.

Its isn't a child yet. It could stop growing like some acorns do. They just suddenly do nothing or die. When its born and between that age and puberty you have child. Other than that not so much. The reason I think that its not really a big deal is because like trees how many eggs is a woman born with? A lot. How many acorns do trees produce? Enough to make plenty of trees and feed many squirrels.

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