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A monster is a monster... You libreals really don't understand the criminal mind of these sick people. Do you have kids? What if your child was raped and beat? Would you still think we should study the bastard that did it?? Really? Com'on

If there is a chance they didn’t do it there is a chance that we could be killing an innocent man.

We'll we have this thing called DNA, and I understand that in past we have put people on death row with out DNA but in today's world, anyone on death row is there because there is hard facts and hard DNA truth that put them there. This argument is void.

If they did do it, then the nature of culpability shows us that crime is a preventable/treatable occurrence.

How can we prevent a baby killer or a serial killer? These people are sick in the head, they should never be given the chance to live after conviction. The fact that you think people like this are treatable and can be "cured" is a crazy notion. Do you not study criminal minds at all? And I'm not talking about the TV show. I have studied serial killers since I was a teen. And these sick twisted people who hunt down there victims and seek the thrill of everything involved will never lead a normal life, they will always have the desire to kill. They have tried drugs on sexual perps and while this stops the sexual desire of child molesters, 9 times out of 10 they stop treatment because there brain wants to have the desire.

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We'll I have always said that Saddam Got what he had coming. From the time he was sentenced up to his hanging, it was 30 days. A man like that got what he deserved. Ever since then I wished that instead of allowing murderers to live 20+ years on death row, there should be a date set at the sentencing of no more than 1 year for there execution. With DNA what it is today, there is no reason to stall on this matter. Eye for and eye, a life for a life. So yes I support the death penalty and the reason I have used the smileys was because I had to have 50 characters. A simple yes was not long enough.

Conception? This words means so much to different people. I was raped and this lead to my second child, it also lead me to get my tubes tied at 22 years old. I didn't want another child being brought into the world I lived in and being made because of rape by my husband. I can't count how many times I was raped by him. I never considered abortion as an option because in was young and I was confused, was I even raped? I questioned this so many times because he was my husband, can your husband rape you? Yes he can! Did I have an abortion? No I didn't but should we make this choice illegal? No we should not. To many girls are raped by there father or brother or someone else and they get pregnant. This choice alone can save them from having to relive this night made over and over AGIAN.

This is a tuff one, mostly because there are to many reason that one might consider abortion. I love how this place is mostly private, so let me explain something about me. I was married to the worst man ever. After our first son arrived he became very controlly of me. There was red flags before this that I can see now looking back. But at the time I met him I was just 14, I feel hard for him. But he would show up with roses and he swept me off my feet. He was very charming in the beginning. Only that over time he became more and more controlly. The first time he hit me, he left a night black eye. His cousin seen it and threatened him, told him if he ever seen any more marks on me again he would beat his ass. Excuse my choice of words. I was 17 at that point. And I left him. Only for him to show up two weeks later pretending that we were still together. My brother met him at the door told him I didn't want to see him and told him to leave. Not sure what he said to my brother but he came in and said he only wants to talk. My brother didn't know about the black eye. I was stupid and I went back with him. And a month before my 19th bday I gave birth to my first son. We later married and it was like he changed for the worse, drinking every day, blowing up over small things, If I went any where with my mom, I got in trouble. He had 100% control over me. I was not allowed to drive. I felt like death would be better than living in this secret prison. And secret it was, I never told anyone about any of this. A year after we married he forced him self on me, more than once. This came to me becoming pregnant again, here I am bring another child into this house. This horrible world that I new. I became depressed and scared. My husband tried to force me to get an abortion. But in my mind even though I feel abortion in rape and incest should be allowed, I couldn't bring my self to do it. I hated him for even bringing it up. My son who is now 11 years old, has no idea he was made in a horrid voilent way, and he has no idea his father tired to kill him. I left that ass hole 10 years ago. I found the courage and strength to leave, because I couldn't allow my two boys to be raised in that house hold. Where I was being treated so bad in front of them. Showing my boys that it was ok to beat on a women. I disagree about making this option illegal, I my self could never have one. But sometimes having this option, this choice for the most horrid crimes commented agianst women, is needed. Most people say there is always adoption but the truth be told, is that we have so many kids in the system, I could never give my child away. Not ever knowing if he or she is warm and fed. Idk this is my view on this subject..

Yes, yes, and YES😊😊😊😊😊😊😊




Darn, I just got here. And now your telling me this site sucks!! Thanks for sharing. Although I was learning this because in the new debates, there are not any new ones really. I found I was debating on something that was 112 days old.πŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜πŸ˜

Yepper! All of the above!! Skipper dipper.. Ok just feeling in spots to make 50 letters.:

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